Fakfkak Starts to Build a Market with the First Green Building Concept in Papua

goodmorningpapua.com – The Ministry of PUPR through the Directorate General of Human Settlements built the Thumburuni Market to support the economic activities of the people of West Papua.

The market development process was marked by the groundbreaking activity on Wednesday (9/2/2022) in Fakfak Regency, West Papua.

A Director of Strategic Infrastructure of the Directorate General of Human Settlements Essy Asiah explained, Thumburuni Market has implemented the Green Building (BGH) principle at the planning stage. In carrying out the construction, it is also required that the service providers implement Building Information Modeling (BIM).

On this basis, Thumburuni Market is a market with the concept of building the first Green Building and implementing BIM in Papua.

“Our hope is that the application of the principle of green building is not only in the planning stage, but also in implementation, as well as operation and maintenance. In addition, we also apply BIM for buildings above 2000 m2, so that Thumburuni Market can become a role model in Fakfak Regency, which later will create convenience in implementation,” said Essy, Thursday (10/2/2022).

Essy said, this is a form of the Ministry of PUPR’s efforts to encourage the application of smart and green buildings and advances in digital construction technology throughout the country.

In realizing the sustainability of Thumburuni Market, the Government of Fakfak Regency is asked to prepare a professional management, both in relation to management institutions and adequate operating and maintenance costs. This is because the market area and the planned number of stalls are quite large.

“Don’t forget that service providers carry out 5T, namely on time, right quality, right cost, right administration, and right benefits in order to become a useful market for traders and also local people,” said Essy.

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