Exploring the Beauty of Youtefa Bay, a Complete Marine Destination

goodmorningpapua.com – One of the tourist destinations that should not be missed when visiting Jayapura City, Papua, is Youtefa Bay. Besides offering beautiful views, Youtefa Bay has many tourist spots, ranging from bays, headlands, lowland forests, mangroves to beautiful beaches.

Youtefa Bay is a small bay located in the Yos Sudarso Bay area. This area includes several villages (traditional villages), namely Tobati, Enggros, and Nafri villages. This bay has a distinctive view of coral islands with a stretch of blue waters. One of the mainstay spots in Youtefa Bay is Lake Sentani, which is ready to pamper visitors with beautiful views.

Youtefa Bay also provides a variety of complete marine tourism destinations. Youtefa Bay has a 200-meter-long mangrove forest from the coastline. The tree-lined mangroves can be 7–12-meters high, making Youtefa Bay feel lush and cool. Not to mention the beauty of the beach, headland, lowland forest, which can make tourists feel at home in Youtefa Bay.

Another spot that is the target of tourists when visiting Youtefa Bay is Hamadi Beach. Stretching for two kilometers, this beach will spoil tourists with views of the sky, blue sea water and gentle breezes combined with relaxing waves.

In addition to the scenery, Hamadi Beach holds important history in the past. During World War II, this beach became the center of defense of the allied troops in the Jayapura area. So, when it comes to Hamadi Beach, visitors will find many objects of war relics such as tank debris to warships.

Not far from Hamadi Beach, there is also a very beautiful Mount Mher. Mount Mher is known to hold the legend of the origin of the Tobati and Enggros tribes. According to local beliefs, Goa Mher is the birthplace of two tribes that now inhabit Youtefa Bay. Another spot in Youtefa Bay is Tanjung Kaswari known for its cool and shady beaches with beautiful cypress trees.

The whole beauty of nature is framed by the splendor of the Youtefa Bridge curving in red. This bridge crosses from Jayapura City, Hamadi Village, to Muara Tami District. The bridge, which was inaugurated in October 2019, is one of the icons of Jayapura City.

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