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Exploring Music Inspiration to the Land of Papua

goodmorningpapua.com – A Directorate of Film, Music and Media, Directorate General of Culture held an Art Gathering in Jayapura City, Papua. The agenda, taking place from 11 to 17 July, brought 14 artists from various regions in Indonesia to study and absorb the artistic nature of Papua.

Young artists who have various musical genre backgrounds, join in a gathering, appreciation and music networking event which is a part of the Indonesia Talks 2022 program, part of the agenda for this year’s G20 Culture Ministers Meeting.

The initial series of the Art Gathering program agenda held a Papuan Cultural Workshop which presented an anthropologist, a researcher and curator of cultural arts from the University of Cendrawasih, Enrico Yory Kondologit. This activity was held at the Hirosi Nature Lovers Club in the Cycloop area, Sentani.

The Papuan Cultural Workshop opens up space for Art Gathering participants to gain knowledge horizons and a complete understanding of the richness of Papuan arts and culture.

As Enric said, there are many sources of Papuan culture that can be an inspiration for the creation of works for today’s artists.

“Papua is so rich, there are more than 250 ethnic groups and languages. Traditionally, art cannot be separated from life, through art, it can convey and channel experiences, feelings and ideas to others,” said Enriko, quoted from a press release, Wednesday (13/7).

A Director of Film, Music and Media, Kemdikbudristek, Ahmad Mahendra said that the Art Gathering was held primarily as a meeting place for contemporary art practitioners from various regions in Indonesia. At the same time, it is also expected to be a means of sharing, discussion, collaboration and an exchange of ideas between young Indonesian artists.

“We also hope that a new network will be built among these young artists which will later show support for each other and become one of the opening paths for the creation of the development of new works of art,” said Mahendra.

Enrico Kondologit in his explanation on the occasion of the Papuan Cultural Workshop said that Papua has experienced such rapid physical and economic development. This has an impact on indigenous peoples in Papua who have lost their land and sacred places.

As has happened, Jayapura City as a administrative center of Papua Province, of the 10 existing tribes, no traditional houses have been found. Traditional boats, material cultural objects, and even traditional dance accessories have been replaced with modern ones.

For this reason, it is necessary to preserve the existence of Papuan culture through the current arts, so that it can become a legacy for future generations of Papuans. One way is through various learning programs, such as in the agenda of the Art Gathering this time.

On the occasion of the Workshop, the participants had the opportunity to enjoy two slick performances of Papuan traditional dances, namely the Welcoming Dance and Dance Drama which was staged by the Reymay Cultural Arts Center, Sentani Jayapura.

The Jayapura Art Gathering, Papua involved 14 participants from various provinces, who were accompanied by facilitators from the Indonesian music maestro, namely Sutanto or Tanto Mendut and Joko Suranto (Gombloh).

There are also academic speakers who are anthropologists as well as art practitioners, namely Enrico Yosi Kondologit and Prof. DR. Djohan Salim. This activity also involved the local arts community Action Papua.

In this activity, participants will share methods, practices, and ideas and participate in group discussions with the facilitator, to then explore ideas for creating works together.

Music is the main topic raised at this Art Gathering. Given that the art of music in Indonesia needs to be considered and developed as an object of cultural advancement.

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