Exotic Kali Kaca, a Hidden Paradise in the Maybrat of West Papua

goodmorningpapua.com – West Papua has a lot of beauty. Besides Raja Ampat which is already worldwide, there is also the amazing Kali Kaca in Maybrat Regency. Its beauty can make tourists fascinated.

Kali Kaca or Kali Bawi is located in Bawi Village, Ayamaru District or District. Called Kali Kaca because the water is blue and very clear like glass.

As such clear, the bottom of the river in the form of rocks is clearly visible from the surface. Not only that, the area around Kali Kaca also offers shady trees that make the atmosphere cooler.

Interested in going to Kali Kaca? Get ready to travel around 3-4 hours from Sorong. To get there, tourists will first pass through Kampoeng Saloek, Lake Farmu Aymaru.

Tourists just need to follow the instructions to get to Kampung Bawi. But the obstacles do not stop there, you still need to pass through the wilderness before reaching Kali Kaca.

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