Supporting of Traditional Leaders for the Establishment of the New Province of Southwest Papua – Ethnic chiefs all over Sorong Raya support the sustainability of Otsus Volume II and the establishment of a New Autonomous Region (DOB) or expansion in West Papua Province.

This statement of attitude was issued and signed by the Head of the Mare Ethnic, the Chief of the Ayamaru Ethnic, the Chief of the Maybrat Ethnic, and the Head of the Binasket Ethnic in Manokwari, Saturday, June 4, 2022.

The head of the major Maybrat ethnic, Marthen Nauw, believes that the establishment of new autonomous regions and the continuation of Otsus volume II is a form of the central government’s concern for Papuans.

“We are grateful because this is a form of concern for the central government to prosper and build better Papuans in the future, so that we represent the community and are very supportive,” he said.

He explained that if the establishment of the Province of Southwest Papua comes true, all parties will feel the impact of the long-awaited development. “DOB is our dream. We want to move forward, so DOB and Otsus are the solution,” he said.

Meanwhile, regarding the statement of rejection of the new autonomous regions on behalf of the ethnic chief, Marthen denied this. He ensured that if someone represented the ethnic chief and on behalf of the people, the question of where the ethnic chief came from. “Which ethnic chief is that and where are the people from? We dare to support because it is the result of joint deliberation and what we convey is the voice of the people,” he said.

Marthen loudly said that all ethnic chiefs throughout Sorong urged the central government to immediately process the expansion of the Southwest Papua Province, so that it could be realized in the near future.

“We support and as soon as possible for that the central government to immediately process it will this division can be realized immediately,” he said.

At the same place, the head of the Binasket Tribe, Luther Krimadi said that the new autonomous regions and special autonomy were the solution in developing the lands of Papua and West Papua. He also said that the community fully supports the new autonomous regions because they want change. “If those who reject it cannot be said to represent the people, we are the ones who convey the people’s voice,” he said.

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