Establishment of Southwest Papua Boosts Eastern Indonesia’s Economic Progress – The House of Representative (DPR) approved the division of the Papua region. Now, Southwest Papua is the 38th province in Indonesia.

The General Chairperson of the DPP Indonesian National Youth Committee (KNPI) Haris Pertama assessed that the formation of the Southwest Papua province was very strategic to do because it could encourage a more advanced economy.

“The establishment of the Southwest Papua Province is very strategic to do because it can encourage the region to be more advanced, both economically, education, health, and the human development index is getting better,” Haris said, as quoted by Antara, Sunday (18/12).

Haris said that empirical experience has shown that regional division can bring significant changes to the progress of a region.

Furthermore, the Head of the DPP KNPI also said that it was important to pay attention to the aspirations of the Papuan people in general in the formation of a new province. It is because the aspirations of the Papuan people in general are important to encourage various better progress.

“I agree that the formation of the new province must pay attention to the aspirations of the Papuan people in general to encourage various better progress,” said Haris.

When the KNPI DPP held its 4th Plenary Meeting on December 4, 2022 in Jakarta, the KNPI had decided on the Formation of a new Regional/Territory Expansion KNPI DPD, in accordance with Organizational Regulation Number 8 concerning the formation of the Regional/Territory Expansion KNPI DPD.

Thus, under Jois Kambu as chairman and Carstensz Inigo Ortens Malibela as secretary in the Management of the DPD KNPI Southwest Papua Province, there are a number of tasks that must be carried out.

The tasks in question are preparing and implementing the Provincial I Youth Conference/KNPI Southwest Papua Province, verifying the existence of youth community organizations at the Southwest Papua Province level as a reference for OKP membership in the implementation of the Province I Youth Conference/KNPI Southwest Papua Province.

Furthermore, the management of the DPD KNPI Southwest Province DPD management was also given the authority to prepare for the formation of district/city DPP KNPIs throughout the Southwest Papua province, and to deploy the management after carrying out Musda I Youth/KNPI Southwest Papua Province.

The next task is to prepare for the implementation of the Provincial Conference I Youth / KNPI Southwest Papua Province.

“The management of the DPD KNPI of DPD Southwest Province must always hold consultations and coordination with the DPP KNPI in this case on a daily basis, through the KNPI DPP Organizational Coordination Division,” said Haris.

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