Erwin Gutawa to Hold Orchestra Concert in Papua, Involving 50 Musicians – A songwriter and producer, Erwin Gutawa Sumapradja, will hold a concert in August 2020 in Papua. The orchestra concert was titled Simponi in Papua. “Hopefully my plan can be realized by involving Papuan musicians and artists,” said Erwin in Jayapura, Thursday (2/6/2022).

In the concert, he will involve 50 of his musicians to collaborate with 50 Papuan musicians and artists, performing Papuan songs. “Papua is very memorable for me, even during my musical journey, I made several albums about Papua, such as Pangkur Sago. In essence, I want musicians and artists in Papua to have new passion and experience in their work,” he said.

Jack Demotouw of Rio Grime is grateful for the concert plan. This agenda will be good news for Papuan musicians. “We are very grateful that Papua still has good people. I am very sure that after these big things will happen for Papuan musicians and artists,” said Jack.

Domie Abreso, a Papuan native, said this was a great opportunity for children in Papua. Moreover, many Papuan songs will be performed later.

“Perhaps nowadays young people rarely know Papuan songs. That’s why we want to invite them (young people) to be motivated in their work and get to know Papuan songs,” said Domie.

Initiating the orchestra concert, Mathius D Fakhiri hopes that the collaboration of Papuan musicians and artists with Erwin Gutawa can be a leap for young people who have creative artistic values ​​to be able to present themselves as young talents. “This is a good opportunity. Hopefully all young and senior musicians will be used. I am sure that in the future Papuan artists will appear who are very extraordinary,” said Fakhiri.

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