Erfit Naninti, A Star of Papuan Female Karateka – Erfit Naninti, arguably one of the potential athletes belongs to Papuan karate team at this time. The female karateka born in Muna, June 25, 1995, grew up in Sorong City. The National Sports Week (PON) XX will be her second performance with the Papuan team.

Erfit began to pursue karate martial arts since she was in the 1st grade of junior high school in 2007 at the Dojo of Cenderawasih University (Uncen). She also started his work as a karateka in the Papua team since 2014.

When she first joined, Erfit immediately participated in the Championship in Makassar. Down in the women’s 68 kg of kumite number, Erfit came out as the third winner in her first event.

“I have been participating in karate since the 1st grade of junior high school, the first time I participated in the Uncen Dojo in 2007. I joined the Papua team for the first time of 2014, and for the first time participated in the Kasat championship in Makassar, in the women’s 68 kg class,” she said, Sunday (25 /7/21).

Erfit was then selected to be one of the Papuan karateka who was sent to take part in the 2015 Pre-PON XIX. She succeeded to qualify for the big Indonesian sport celebration in West Java, in 2016.

When competing in the debut of PON XIX of West Java, Erfit was one of two Papuan Karateka succeeding in presenting medals, apart from the late Yolanda Asmuruf. Even though it was only a bronze medal, Erfit was only 21 years old at that time.

“In 2015 I participated in the Pre-PON selection and there I went down in the women’s 61 kg class and continued until now in the 61 kg match number. At the 2016 West Java PON XIX, I won 3rd place and won a bronze medal,” he explained.

In the 2019 Mayor’s International Open Championship tournament in Surabaya, she won a gold medal in the 61 kg kumite class. Then at the National Military Academy Open Championship 2020, the Governor’s Rotating Cup in Magelang, she also successfully won 1st place. At that time, FORKI of Papua also managed to become the overall champion.

“During the training camp (TC) we participated in two tournaments, and I won a gold medal at the 2019 Surabaya International Open Championship and the 2020 National Military Academy Open,” he said.

PON XX will be the second PON for Erfit Naninti. Her target is not grandiose, she wants to do his best to present the best achievements for the Land of Papua at home. She admitted that he would fight as hard as she could so that the name of Papua could fly on the championship podium.

“When it comes to our targets, it depends on each other, I personally want to try my best. Alhamdulillah, during TC for the preparation of PON XX I always try to practice as much as possible even in the midst of a pandemic. I want to give my best and want to be the best in PON later, so that I can be on the championship podium, what is clear is that the management wants us all to get the best in PON and be on the podium, “he concluded.

The head of Papua Karate coach, Sensei Zakarias M. Sogorom, admitted that his team’s performance had been very significant. But he did not want to be grandiose, only targeting 3 gold medals in PON XX.

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