Encouraging Perdasus [Spesial Regional Regulation) on Popular Mining in West Papua Province

goodmorningpapua.com – A chairman of the Special Autonomy Faction of the House for West Papua, has pushed for the draft of a special regional regulation (Raperdasus) that regulates the management of popular mining.

“We immediately urge the Raperdasus for popular mining to activate mining permits which we consider outside the existing regulations,” said Chairman of the Special Autonomy Faction of the DPR West Papua, George Karel Dedaida to this media.

He said the regional regulations were still in the drafting process. This is done so that this regulation can be completed this year. This regional regulation was discussed in 2021 ago, but it coincided with the revision of the Special Autonomy Law so it was not discussed.

“So this year we are pushing for the Perdasus for popular mining to be completed immediately. So that popular mining in this area can be properly regulated, this is very important,” said George.

For this reason, in principle, the DPR Otsus faction supports the issuance of the permit. This is very important in the context of utilizing Natural Resources (SDA).

“We encourage the issuance of these regional regulations. This is done in response to the wishes of the community. Of course we hope that the management of resources through mining is one of the efforts to improve the welfare of the local community,” he said.

Because any small mining activity has an impact on environmental damage. “So we agree that there is a mining permit for the people so that mining in this area can be managed properly. If it is managed well, it will bring income and prosperity to the local community,” he concluded.

With the present of mining licensing regulations, the mining management activities can be suppressed in reducing the impact of environmental damage.

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