Encountering Dorlinceu Meheu, Yenny Wahid: Papuan Women are Tough Women

goodmorningpapua.com – Yenny Wahid, who has been in Papua for the last few days, has deliberately visited several religious leaders, traditional leaders, and the Papuan community in order to trace back the struggles of her father, KH. Abdurrahman Wahid [Gus Dur]. One of those ecountered was Dorlinceu Meheu, a Papuan woman leader.

Both Yenny and Dorlinceu were involved in an emotional conversation when discussing the condition of Papua’s gender inequality. Especially when Dorlinceu showed Yenny her book entitled “This is Papua”.

“Papuan women have to do farming, gardening, fishing, processing sago, weaving nets, processing pandan leaves, and so on. Everything is run by Papuan women,” Yenny said while showing a special section discussing Papuan women in Dorlinceu’s book.

Papuan women as Dorlinceu explains in his book, today are not only the ribs, but also the backbone of the family.

The heavy burden carried by Papuan women, according to Yenny, indicates that Papuan women are tough women. However, in Yenny’s view, “we can’t let this continue. We hope that the government can pay more attention to the protection and empowerment of the Papuan people, especially the women so that they are more advanced and equal,” she said.

Dorlinceu also conveyed the same hope. “Entering the second phase of Papua’s special autonomy, I hope that the government can empower, protect, and elevate the dignity of Papuan women,” Dorlinceu whispered, expressing her hope.

The female figure as well as the political figure looks very gentle and warm talking to Yenny. She hoped for the rebirth of a leader like the deceased Gus Dur.

“Currently we (Papuans) need a leader like our father, our beloved, Gus Dur. A person who is blind in his eyes, but his heart is not blind. He is a figure with the great heart that make us fall in love,” said Dorlince recalling Gus Dur when she gave the name Papua at a time when many political prisoners were imprisoned for using the name Papua.

In addition to women’s issues, Yenny also explained that this country is filled with trauma from the dark history of the past, not only in Papua, but also in other islands such as Java and Aceh.

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