Empowering Coop to Accelerate Development and Welfare in Papua

goodmorningpapua.com – Minister of Social Affairs Tri Rismaharini will optimize social empowerment programs in Papua. This program will be synergized with religious leaders and community leaders.

“We have received proposals containing suggestion for infrastructure development programs like for houses, but for social empowerment there is no such thing, so that it needs to be added to facilitate the assessment,” said Risma in a written statement, Friday (30/7/2021).

The optimization of the program from the Ministry of Social Affairs regarding to social empowerment will previously be carried out by maturation and data matching with BNPB and the Ministry of PUPR so that later it can be comprehensive.

There is a division of tasks with BNPB and the Ministry of PUPR, and not only focusing on Covid-19 pandemic assistance but also for social empowerment programs.

“Yes, maybe Monday-Tuesday we will finalize it while communicating with related parties various proposals even though social empowerment has not been included in the proposal, so please send it even if a piece of paper and handwritten is okay, including a proposa about land with a site plan which will be checked later what are the rules and what are their uses,” said Risma.

“Programs from the Ministry of Social Affairs related to the social empowerment in the form of various skills training such as workshops, husbandry of various animal like pigs, basic food businesses, mini markets and so on which are adjusted  to the conditions of the local community,” said Risma.

Regarding the proposal of the land in the future it can be used as a place for a social empowerment training and it is strategic considering the location is quite strategic and suitable for increasing the expertise of the local community.

“Everything will be discussed first, but the point is that we support the first aid for the Covid-19 pandemic, secondly to welcome PON activities and thirdly for the social empowerment of the community so that they are more empowered and can live more prosperously,” said Risma.

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