Electrifying Agriculture and Dragonfruit Tourism in Manokwari

goodmorningpapua.com – The Electrifying Agriculture program initiated by PT PLN (Persero) is a big leap for the agricultural sector in Manokwari Regency, West Papua Province.

Dragonfruit Farmers in Prafi Village, SP4 Manokwari Regency succeeded in increasing agricultural production after switching to the Electrifying Agriculture Program or agricultural electrification.

Even through this program, PLN succeeded in creating Dragon Fruit Agro Tourism in Manokwari for the first time. This news was welcomed by the Regent of Manokwari, Hermus Indou.

Hermus Indou explained, Dragon fruit Picking Agro Tourism which presents dragonfruit farming illuminated by LED lights located at SP4-Prafi, is the main attraction. Visitors can enjoy the sensation of going to the dragon fruit fields while picking their own dragon fruit.

“Another impact of the Electrifying Agriculture Program is that it can increase the economy through the tourism sector, such as fruit picking tours and thousands of bright lights shining at night creating beautiful spots for selfies at night, thus adding to a tourist attraction,” said Hermus Indou, Tuesday 24 May 2022.

Manager of PLN Manokwari Customer Service Implementation Unit, Robert Rumsaur said, as electrifying agriculture, electrification of dragon fruit boosts farmers’ economy because harvesting can be done throughout the year.

“The Electrifying Agriculture Program is a program to increase the productivity and efficiency of agricultural, livestock and fishery actors through PLN electricity which is easier, affordable and reliable for the people of Indonesia,” explained Robert.

Robert explained that dragonfruit farmers use lamps with an intensity of irradiation for 10 hours per day. Sunlight only illuminates one side of a fruiting tree, while electricity can illuminate 4 sides of a fruiting tree.

“This dragon fruit plant requires ultraviolet light to photosynthesize (stimulate) so that flowers and fruit appear from the cactus plant. With PLN’s Innovation through the Electrifying Agriculture Program, it can meet the needs of ultraviolet rays every day,” said Robert.

Through this program, Robert added that PLN also provided assistance with a total of Rp. 50 million to support the improvement of the welfare of farmers in Manokwari.

Sukibun, one of the dragonfruit farmers, admitted that he felt the benefits of using the Electrifying Agriculture Program. Before using PLN electricity, dragonfruit farmers in SP4 only relied on sunlight for lighting.

Sukibun stated that he would develop processed products and agro-tourism so that they could be picked directly from the SP4-Prafi garden. For example, by processing dragon fruit into chips to packaged juice which can be souvenirs from this agro tourism.

Not only that, he continued, visitors can take selfies with beautiful spots in the background at night. “The garden will be open until 7 pm for those who want to take pictures because it is a beautiful spot at night, you can also pick dragon fruit, just weigh and pay,” he said.

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