Ekidna, a Strange Animal from Papua with 4 Penises

goodmorningpapua.com – Ekidna (Echidna) is one of the strangest animals in the world. Not only being a mammal that lays eggs, the animal also has a four-headed penis confusing researchers. Echidna penis has four heads and even looks like legs. The color is pink, it is also fairly large. Reaching a third of the length of the animal.

The Ekidna, known as the spiny anteater, is one of only two species of egg-laying mammals alive today. The other is the platypus, an animal that is also uniquely rare. Unfortunately, in contrast to the already very popular platypus, Echidna, coming from Papua, is not very well known. Even though the Echidna is a native animal of Papua.

The way Echidna reproduces by laying eggs even though it is a mammal. The female echidna usually lays one egg. The eggs are soft-furry shell. It also hatches after 10 days. The baby of Echidna that comes out of the egg and then tries to suck milk stays in the mother’s pouch for 45-55 days. In appearance, the Echidna is very similar to a hedgehog. In fact, it is not a hedgehog even though both have thorns. The size is also small. Its body has coarse hair of thorns.

The size of an adult Echidna is only about 30-55 cm. While the tail is about 9 cm long. Its body from 3 kg to 6 kg weight.

These animals find food by scratching their hands against tree trunks or mounds of earth. His favorite food is termites. Because of a nocturnal animal, it is only active at night. Usually, echidnas walk alone because these animals have a solitary nature.

You could say that Echidna is very cute and adorable. His hands have five sharp claws. Its long snout is useful for detecting the smell of food. The animal has no teeth. However, it has a sticky tongue to catch insect termites.

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