Education in Papua Gets Brilliant – A Head of the Center for Regional Autonomy Studies (PusKOD) Faculty of Law, Christian University of Indonesia, Dr. Agustin Teras Narang, assessed that so far the government has made the best efforts for Papuan people to receive a proper education.

He expressed this in a national discussion through a zoom webinar with the theme “Latest Papuan Education” held by the UKI PusKOD. According to Narang, although the government’s efforts have not been able to satisfy the Papuan people, education on the Land of Cenderawasih has shown improvement.

“Currently, we know that the government continues to pay attention to Papua in all sectors. This includes appreciating the steps that have taken care of upstream,” Teras Narang said in a press release received on Thursday (29/7/2021).

Furthermore, according to this DPD RI member, it is not easy to manage a region that lacks budget and human resources for promoting education.

“The fact that it is not easy to manage a region with a lack of human resources and a very minimal budget. Just like me when I was governor at that time. Therefore, there is a need for synergy between the central and regional governments to promote education in Papua,” he said.

On the same occasion, a Minister for the Acceleration of Eastern Regions of Indonesia in 2000-2004 Manuel Kasiepo said that education in Papua is currently not inferior to other regions.

“The indicator is that there are still many students studying outside Papua. Both on the island of Java and abroad. And they have returned to Papua to serve in their region. This is an example of their success,” said Manuel Kasiepo.

According to Manuel, the cultural, social and political aspects also affect education in Papua. Meanwhile, an academic from the University of Cendrawasih, Dr. Vince Tebay emphasized the need for an understanding of the people and nature of Papua to be able to build education in Papua. Vince, who is often asked for input on Papua’s special autonomy, discussed education in the academic education, the vocational education, and professional education.

For Papua, it is not enough to emphasize only academic education, but also vocational and professional one. Meanwhile, the Dean of the Indonesian Christian University FKIP, Dr. Sunarto, emphasized education as an appreciation for human dignity.

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