Ecotourism of Mangrove Forest of Pomako Mimika Papua – Ecotourism of Pomako Mangrove is an attractive tourist destination in Mimika Regency, Papua. Tourists will enjoy the beautiful natural scenery while reading unique and funny messages that are quite entertaining along the way.

If in other tourist destinations, the signs that are installed are road supports, in Pomako Mangrove Ecotourism, the boards are written with interesting words. For example, “it’s forbidden to bring your ex” which means you can’t bring things that are no longer used or rubbish, “just go for a walk first, if it suits us we get married”, to the invitation “let’s have an affair: save the environment”.

Pomako Mangrove Ecotourism can be a tourism destination of choice for athletes, officials, and tourists because it is located in one of the districts hosting the  PON XX Papua 2021. Pomako Mangrove Forest Ecotourism is about 40 kilometers from the city center, which can be reached in about 50 minutes using a wheeled vehicle. four.

The journey from Timika to the ecotourism location managed by the Tourism, Culture, Youth and Sports Office of Mimika Regency, is relatively comfortable because the road is already paved. Tourists can enjoy the mangrove forest as high as 10 to 15 meters on either side of the road.

There are 40 types of mangroves, and 27 of them are in the Pomako Mangrove Ecotourism area. When entering the ecotourism area, tourists will hear the sound of birds chirping and enjoy the breeze. Access for tourists there is in the form of a bridge or mangrove footbridge made of iron wood for about one kilometer.

A tourist named Risal said he was entertained when he read the writings.

“Maybe he made that sentence on purpose so that people enjoy taking pictures there,” said Risal on Saturday, October 2, 2021.

In addition to these writings, tourists can also take pictures with a background of dozens of hanging colorful umbrellas or heart-shaped decorations.

The people living around the Pomako Mangrove Forest Ecotourism area are the Kamoro Tribe. The customary rights of this tribe stretch from Potowaiburu to Nakai. In the past, the Kamoro were known as Mimika We. The entry fee for Pomako Mangrove Ecotourism is IDR 5,000 for children and IDR 10 thousand for adults. The tariff goes to the local regional management treasury.

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