Ecotourism, Art Gallery, and Raja Ampat – A Bank Indonesia West Papua Representative Office provided facilities and infrastructure assistance to the Mankobon Creative Studio House Operator and the Mbilin Kayam Dance Group in Raja Ampat, Saturday, May 21, 2022.

This assistance to two art studios in Raja Ampat Regency is an implementation of Bank Indonesia’s strategic contribution in encouraging the economic sector to support MSMEs and green economy-based ecotourism.

A Raja Ampat Regent, H Abdul Farsi Umlati, said the Monkobon Creative Studio Group was founded in 2018 and was chaired by Isak Lewi Burdam. This studio not only develops traditional music but also dances and crafts.

“This studio has been invited to various events, both those held by the regional government and local agencies,” said Abdul Fars Umlati in front of West Papua BI staff and leaders.

He explained that the provision of facilities and infrastructure to the Monkobon Creative Studio Group and the Mbilin Kayam Dance Studio Group was a follow-up to the MSME assistance process through the Bank Indonesia Social Program (PSBI).

“The Mankobon Creative Studio House is an effort by Bank Indonesia to maintain and preserve Papuan culture through the creation of traditional music in the Saporkren Village of Raja Ampat,” explained Abdul Farsi Umlati.

Abdul hopes that the Creative Studio House can be optimized in order to preserve the indigenous culture of the region, and can become a forum for developing Papuan cultural arts.

Meanwhile, a Member of the Board of Governors of Bank Indonesia, Dody Budi Waluyo, invited all residents in Saporkren to maintain good culture and customs, so that they do not become extinct.

“Culture can generate income for the community through cultural creations in tourism areas. (Moreover) Raja Ampat tourism is already known internationally, the underwater beauty has been recognized,” said Dody

Dody hopes that the strengthening of the synergy between Bank Indonesia and the Provincial and Regency/City Governments, as well as the related ministries and institutions can be improved so that the culture in Raja Ampat can be maintained, thereby bringing in income from tourists.

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