Easter Message of OMK Kristus Terang Dunia Waena: Awakening Together

goodmorningpapua.com – The Easter Seminar for Catholic Youth/Orang Muda Katolik (OMK) of Kristus Terang Dunia  (KTDW) presented speakers Pastor John Bunay, Deputy Chair II of the Parish Pastoral Council (DPP) Yunus Wafom and Sister Edikta. OSU, Sister Meli, OSU and moderator Vanwi Subiyat

The one-day seminar with a theme ‘Awakening with Christ of OMK Kristus Terang Dunia Waena’ was held on Thursday, April 21, 2022 in the Hall of Ignasius Christ, the Light of the World.

Dozens of OMK attended the seminar which was preceded by the Easter Mass of OMK Kristus Terang Dunia led by Pastor RD. Paul Wolor.

The Chairperson of the Easter and Seminar Committee, Diana Ana Elosak said that the theme that was raised refers to the 35th World Youth Day event, namely “Hey young people, I say, wake up!” (Luke 7:14)

It is the message of Pope Francis reminding youths that this word has the meaning of revival, namely, to rise again to life.

This is one of three messages to young people around the world in preparation from World Youth Day (WYD) Panama 2019 to WYD Lisbon 2022. The third keyword without the message is the word “Awake!”.

“Hopefully OMK must rise together to open up, be involved in serving and hopefully get blessings,” said Diana.

Meanwhile, the Head of OMK Kristus Terang Dunia Waena Loudivikus Pigay, said that OMK must be steadfast in the long journey of developing OMK.

“This will certainly answer our personal calling in church and society. It is hoped that this seminar will be the answer and a new spirit for OMK ministers in the church and in the midst of society,” he said.

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