During the Pandemic, the Economic Growth of Papua Increased

goodmorningpapua.com –  The trend of economic growth in Papua has actually increased during the Covid-19 pandemic, especially in the first quarter (January-April 2021). This was conveyed by the President of the Republic of Indonesia Joko Widodo, during a video conference with all regional governments a few time ago

Deputy Regent of Mimika Johannes Rettob said during the video conference, the central government explained that it was from central government data, from 34 provinces in Indonesia.

“Only 10 provinces whose economic growth has increased,” said the Deputy Head of Hotel Horison Ultima Timika.

According to the Vice Regent of 10 provinces that have experienced economic improvements, the number one is Papua, with the economic growth rate reaching 14.28 percent. Meanwhile, for the second place whose economic growth has increased is North Maluku.

“It means, other regions or provinces besides the 10 provinces are still minus in this first quarter,” he said.

With this achievement, the Vice Regent expressed that this shows any two goals that have been achieved, namely how to overcome the Covid-19 pandemic, as well as how the economy has improved during the current pandemic.

“I am happy since Papua, which has Mimika in it, turns out to be amazing. Where the overcoming of the Covid-19 pandemic could decrease and economic growth would increase, “he said.

The Vice Regent explained that economic growth could increase because the handling of both of them could run well. Where, the government continues to tighten health protocols, in order to prevent the spread of the corona virus.

The Vice Regent added, in addition to tightening health protocols, the government also opened access to the citizens’ economy in a measured manner. Of course, the opening of economic access will be accompanied by cooperation and support from all parties in carrying out health protocols.

“Now, if seen from the hospitality sector, the occupancy rate has started to rise. Coupled with the micro-level economy, people began to do businesses as usual,” he explained.

The Vice Regent added, although this condition is pleasant for all parties, the government still hopes that it can survive and increase steadily.

“One key to maintaining this condition is that everyone must be disciplined in carrying out health protocols (wearing masks, maintaining distance and washing hands),” he said.

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