Duo Futsal Team of PWI Papua Get Win in the First Match

goodmorningpapua.com – Duo Futsal team of PWI Papua for groups aged 40 years and over and 40 years and under successfully got the victory in the inaugural match in the futsal sport of the XIII National Reporters Sports Week (Porwanas) which took place at the SM Futsal Arena, Malang City, East Java, Monday (21/ 11/2022).

The PWI Papua futsal team aged 40 and over won a landslide victory with a score of 8-5. Meanwhile, those aged 40 and under won WO in the first match because the opponents they faced, PWI Banten Province, arrived late.

For this result, the PWI Papua team aged 40 and over temporarily topped the Group C standings. Meanwhile, the PWI Papua futsal team aged 40 and under collected full points in Group F with East Kalimantan which also won WO because their opponent, PWI Aceh, which had not yet arrived.

“We appreciate the victory that has been achieved by friends who competed in the first day of futsal. We hope they can continue to get the best results in every match to fulfill our target of winning a gold medal,” said PWI Papua chairman, Hans Bisay, Monday (21/11/2022).

Meanwhile, the Head of the PWI Papua Sports Reporters Section (SIWO), Jean Bisay, was also proud of his team’s victory. He, who also plays as a goalkeeper in the age group over 40, hopes that the victory in the first match will spur his team to win in the next match.

“Friends have fought hard and played optimally in the first match so that we can get the win. This result is a good capital for our team to compete in the next match,” said Jean Bisay.

Tuesday (22/11/2022) tomorrow, the PWI Papua futsal team aged 40 years and over will return to play their second match against the PWI Province of the Special Region of Yogyakarta (DIY). Meanwhile, the futsal team aged 40 and under will host the East Kalimantan PWI team.

The PWI Papua futsal team is aiming for two gold medals from the futsal sport at Porwanas XIII in Malang Raya. In order to reach this target, the PWI Papua team has made intensive preparations for three consecutive days and underwent two test matches.

The PWI Papua team appeared at the Porwanas XIII event with direct instructions from the trainer who won the XX PON futsal gold medal, Daud Arim.

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