Draft Law on the Division of Papua to Accelerate Development

goodmorningpapua.com – A Minister of Home Affairs (Mendagri) Tito Karnavian spoke about the Draft Law (RUU) related to the division of Papua which had just been approved as a bill proposed by the DPR. Tito said the bill for the division of Papua is a part of the government’s agenda to accelerate development.

“(Consideration of the division of Papua is) Acceleration of development,” Tito told reporters after a working meeting with Commission II of the DPR RI at the Parliament Complex, Senayan, Jakarta, Wednesday (13/4/2022).

Tito assessed that development in several areas of Papua was delayed. He said progress was made when the division was carried out in West Papua.

“Yes, we hope that we know that there in Papua the development is too late compared to other regions, although other areas have had success, I know. But it was only integrated in 1969,” said Tito.

The former National Police Chief said that this inequality was seen when he became the Papuan Police Chief in 2012-2014, especially in the Central Highlands of Papua. Tito said that the current division of the province in Papua reflects on the division of the province of West Papua which he claims has brought progress there.

“I am also a former Regional Police Chief over there. I see that there is indeed inequality, especially the mountains. It doesn’t mean that other regions don’t, but we take the model in West Papua, once West Papua was expanded there was an extraordinary acceleration,” he said.

“Sorong, Manokwari, which used to be sub-districts, have developed. (Regency) Tambrauw used to be closed, (District) Maybrat used to be isolated, now it is growing open,” he continued.

He said the division of Papua, which was oriented towards accelerating development, did not mean that other regions were already prosperous. In his view, the inequality occurred in a number of areas over there.

“Well, we took the model that we want an acceleration of Papua’s development, it doesn’t mean other regions are already prosperous, no. But we see that you are welcome to come there in the mountains, yes, there is an imbalance because they are late. They just joined in 1969, others 1965,” he said.

Thus, Tito continued, it was necessary to divide Papua so that development there would progress, as he said it was happening in West Papua.

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