DPR RI Invites the Papuan and West Papuan Leaders for Hearing in Jakarta

goodmorningpapua.com – The Indonesian House of Representatives invites all components of the Papuan and West Papuan community leaders to attend a Hearing Meeting (RDP) at the Indonesian Parliament Building, Jakarta, September 6, 2021.

In addition to figures from Papua and West Papua, the DPR RI also invited the the House of West Papua, the Governor of West Papua Dominggus Mandacan, as well as the Regents and Mayors as well as the Chancellors of Uncen and Unipa.

A Deputy Chair II of the House of West Papua, Saleh Siknun said that the RDP and the Otsus monitoring team had an agenda to hear the views of Papuan and West Papuan Community Leaders related to the Draft Government Regulation (RPP) Law Number 2 of 2021 and at the same time the establishment of a special agency.

“Indeed, today’s discussion schedule is in line with the 7 RPPs that have been assigned, the Provincial Government has submitted the RPP, please and the West Papuan DPR also submit them in accordance with the mechanism,” Saleh told reporters at Aston Niu Manokwari, Tuesday, August 31, 2021.

Saleh added that the Plenary 7 RPP aims to prove that the RPP is the result of a joint decision, not the wishes of certain individuals. ‚ÄúThis plenary session is to eliminate the impression that this RPP is the wish of certain individuals. Because this is a joint decision taken,” said Saleh.

Previously, the Special Committee for Revision of the Special Autonomy Law for the House of West Papua will soon bring 7 Draft Government Regulations (RPP) for Special Autonomy to Jakarta.

7 The Special Autonomy RPP will be submitted to Vice President Ma’aruf Amin, Minister of Finance, Minister of Law and Human Rights, Menkopolhukam, Minister of Home Affairs to the Chair of the MRP, Chairman of the Indonesian House of Representatives and factions in the DPR.

It is known that the seven Special Autonomy RPPs in question include the RPP on the implementation of special powers in Article 4 paragraph 7 of the Special Autonomy Law, and the RPP on the path for the appointment of DPR-PB members in Article 6 paragraph 6.

The RPP concerning the way for the appointment of the Regency House in Article 6A paragraph 6, the RPP concerning the management, guidance and supervision as well as the Main draft of acceptance in the context of implementing special Autonomy in Article 34 paragraph 18.

RPP on the implementation of educational activities in Article 56 paragraph 9, as well as RPP on the implementation of health in Article 59 paragraph 8 and RPP on the establishment of a special agency in Article 68 paragraph 4.

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