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Doren Wakerkwa: Peparnas XVI Must be Successful in Papua

goodmorningpapua.com – The Grand Committee for the National Paralympic Week or PB Peparnas XVI Papua has carried out a countdown to the XVI Peparnas multi event in Papua which will take place on 5-15 November 2021.

The countdown was held at the Papua Province Governor’s Office Courtyard, Dok II Jayapura City, Tuesday (19/10/21), and was enlivened by a number of local Papuan musicians as well as a solo comedy performance from Komika Yewen, as well as dances.

In carrying out this countdown, the Daily Chair of PB Peparnas XVI Papua, Doren Wakerkwa wants the Peparnas XVI event to take place successfully following the success of the XX National Sports Week (PON)

“PON has been running successfully and the state has again given its trust to Papua to carry out the XVI Peparnas. We hope that Peparnas XVI will also be successful. The state gives trust to Papua not only to the government but also to all Papuan people. This is a legacy for future generations in Papua. I am proud to see the enthusiasm of the Papuan people for this Peparnas event,” said Doren.

He invited all Papuan people, community leaders, religious leaders and traditional leaders to jointly make the XVI Peparnas event a success in Papua.

“I invite all Papuan people, community leaders and traditional leaders and community elements to make this event a success and keep the situation conducive and maintain strict health protocols. We are already in line with other provinces out there, PON has been successful and we have to carry out the Peparnas event successfully,” he said.

A head of the Papuan NPC Contingent, Nikolaus Kondomo, said that Papuan athletes with disabilities were very enthusiastic to fight and give achievements for Papua at home.

“Yesterday I was monitoring the athletes who will appear in the XVI Peparnas. All are enthusiastic to produce achievements in Peparnas XVI. Therefore, let us all support so that Peparnas XVI runs successfully, safely, orderly and smoothly,” said Kondomo.

Meanwhile, the Chairperson of the Papua NPC, H. Jaya Kusuma also hopes for prayers and support from all parties to participate in the success of the XVI Peparnas as a new history for the Land of Papua. He said NPC Papua hopes to improve its ranking in Peparnas XVI, at least finishing in third place. “We hope for prayers and support from the Papuan people, our athletes who will compete in Peparnas will take part in 12 sports and ask for the support of the entire Papuan community so that the NPC Papua athletes can hopefully be successful in their achievements in Papua and improve our position, at least finishing in third place,” he said.

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