Dondai Village, Japanese Cave, and Sacred Kerewai Lake at Jayapura – Dondai Village in Waibu District, Jayapura Regency has a number of tourist spots and interesting stories to explore.

Besides Yotoro Hill, which spoils the eyes with the beauty of Lake Sentani, there are two other interesting tourist spots to explore. The spot in question is the Japanese Cave and the sacred Kerewai Lake.

It is said that according to local people’s stories, the cave in Yope Bay was a hiding place for Japanese soldiers who were repulsed by American allied troops in World War II.

“In the second world war, after the Japanese soldiers fled due to attacks by America’s allies, the cave was empty and the villagers used the cave to protect themselves from American bomb attacks,” said the head of Dondai Village, Yosis Daimoe.

As stated by him, the Japanese Cave, which is located to the west of Dondai Village, was also a stopover for the first President of the Republic of Indonesia, Soekarno.

The charismatic figure is also said to have bathed in water from a well not far from the cave. “The depth of the well is approximately 6 to 7 meters and the well is never dry, there is always water,” said Yosis.

The existence of this Japanese Cave is not widely known, since the majority of visitors who come are only local people who are curious about the existence of the cave.

Unlike the Kerewai Lake in the west of Dondai Village. It is a natural lake considered sacred by the local community because it holds a mystery that has not been revealed until now.

The people over there believe that the lake is guarded by a white crocodile with a human head which often shows its form. Therefore, visitors must first ask permission from Ondofolo Kampung Dondai to avoid unwanted things.

“People have seen it, that’s why the lake is made a sacred place and should not be damaged, let alone take things from around the lake,” said Yosis.

In Telaga Karawei also live several types of fish, including mujair, gastor and red cork which are endemic fish species of Lake Sentani which are starting to become rare to make this tourist spot a must-visit.

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