Donation of 800 Life Jackets in Papua – PT Freeport Indonesia (Freeport) signed a cooperation agreement with the Timika National SAR Agency (Basarnas) in responding to incidents and emergencies that occurred inside or outside the Freeport area according to the agreed terms. This activity was held at the Rimba Papua Hotel, Timika, Mimika Regency, Tuesday, August 23, 2022.

The signing of the cooperation agreement between Freeport and the Timika Basarnas was conducted by the Vice President for Occupational Safety and Health, Eman Widijanto and the Head of the Timika Basarnas, George Mercy Randang. Also witnessed by the Deputy Regent of Mimika, Johannes Rettob, Deputy for Preparedness Operations at the National Basarnas Center Rear Admiral Ribut Eko Suyatno, and Vice President for Government Relations, Jonny Lingga.

“The purpose of this cooperation agreement is to make a written agreement between Freeport through the Emergency Preparedness and Response (EP & R) Section of Freeport and Basarnas Timika to provide mutual assistance across jurisdictional boundaries in responding to incidents or emergencies,” explained the Vice President for Safety. and Freeport Occupational Health, Eman Widijanto.

According to Eman, the agreement reached between Freeport and Basarnas Timika includes an incident command system in Freeport’s internal and external areas, preparedness, communication and information management, and resource management.

On the same occasion, Freeport also symbolically provided 800 life jackets to the Timika Basarnas, in an effort to support the safety of the people on the southern coast of Mimika.

Freeport’s Vice President for Occupational Safety and Health, Eman Widijanto, symbolically handed over the aid of a life jacket to the Timika Basarnas, which was received by the Head of the Timika Basarnas, George Mercy Randang.

“We provided the life jacket assistance from Freeport through the Mimika Basarnas, which is a good synergy between Freeport and the Timika Basarnas as representatives of government institutions. Hopefully it can be useful, especially for people in the coastal area of ​​Mimika in carrying out fishing activities or when traveling using water transportation,” explained Eman.

Freeport hopes that this life jacket assistance can reduce fatal cases of water transportation in the Mimika coastal area. “This assistance is the company’s concern for the people who are active in the Mimika coastal area, and supports the Timika Basarnas in improving services and safety campaigns for the community,” explained Eman.

Basarnas Timika appreciates Freeport for the provision of 800 life jackets that are useful in supporting the safety of water transportation users in the Mimika Regency area. According to George Mercy Randang, with the support of 800 life jackets, the Timika Basarnas will further optimize the implementation of safety for the people who use water transportation.

“We will distribute life jackets to villages on the east coast of Mimika and around Muara Ajkwa and to groups who frequently travel by water. We hope that the public safety aspect will be more adequate, so that water transportation activities will be safer and prioritize safety, especially in the Coastal area of ​​Mimika Regency,” explained George.

In addition to supporting the safety aspect for the Mimika coastal community, Freeport has continuously provided transportation support in the form of boat operations on the Poumako – Otakwa PP and Poumako – Fanamo PP routes, each once a week for use by the Mimika coastal community.

In terms of economic development, Freeport has also built wholesale centers in Manasari and Otakwa Villages, aiming to make it easier for people to buy daily necessities without having to go to Timika City.

“The provision of 800 life jackets is the company’s support in terms of safety for the people in the Mimika coastal area. Freeport has corporate values known as SINCERE, namely Safety (safety), Integrity (integrity), Commitment (commitment), Respect (respect), and Excellence (excellence),” explained Eman.

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