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Donation of 30 Thousand Masks for Residents Through FKUB of Papua

goodmorningpapua.com – The Ministry of Home Affairs (Kemendagri) distributed masks to the Papua Province Religious Harmony Forum (FKUB).

Assistance is an effort to prevent the contagion of Covid-19 in the community. On this occasion, the Ministry of Home Affairs provided assistance as many as 30 thousand pieces of masks.

A Head of the Information Center (Kapuspen) of the Ministry of Home Affairs, Benni Irwan, explained that FKUB is one of the government’s partners in supporting the dissemination of various policies to the public. One of them is in supporting the implementation of health protocols.

“In connection with this activity, the presence of community (religious) leaders in the field, in the villages (villages), in the districts (kecamatan) is what makes it easier for program and policy messages to reach the community, even to individuals. ” said Benni, on the sidelines of handing over masks to the Papua Province FKUB at the UPTD of the Labor Inspection Center, Papua Province Manpower Office, Friday, September 3, 2021.

Previously, Benni claimed to have received news from the Chair of the Papua Province FKUB, that not a few local people were not wearing masks. This is not due to a reluctance to wear masks, but rather to a decrease in purchasing power and spending priorities of the surrounding community in meeting their daily food needs.

Benni explained, wearing a mask is one of the efforts to deal with Covid-19 in the upstream sector. This is at the same time a health protocol that must continue to be encouraged. Given the transmission of Covid-19 through saliva (droplets) and viruses that fly when coughing or sneezing (aerosol), wearing a mask is the main way to prevent transmission of the virus.

“Research says, 60 to 70 percent of Covid-19 transmission can be prevented by using masks correctly,” said Benni.

Benni added that the government is currently making various efforts to prevent the transmission of Covid-19, including accelerating the implementation of the vaccination program.

For this reason, Benni hopes that with the help of masks from the Ministry of Home Affairs, the Papua Province FKUB can help socialize the importance of implementing health protocols to the public, including following vaccinations. “The goal is that efforts to prevent the transmission of the pandemic can continue. We ask for help from FKUB to disseminate these (masks) to the public,” said Benni.

Meanwhile, the Chairperson of the Papua Province FKUB, Pastor Lipiyus Biniluk, was grateful for the masks provided by the Ministry of Home Affairs. Lipiyus believes that wearing a mask can prevent the spread of Covid-19. In addition, masks can also protect users from dust. On that occasion, he said, he would distribute the masks to the public.

For information, besides being directly attended by the Head of the Penuspen of the Ministry of Home Affairs, the handover of the mask assistance also involved other ranks of the Ministry of Home Affairs, including the Head of the General Bureau of the Ministry of Home Affairs Heru Tjahyono, and representatives of the Korpri Ministry of Home Affairs.

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