Doctor Victor Manuhutu, Treats Dozens of Covid-19 Patients in spite of Being Infected – A doctor figure, Victor P Manuhutu, became the attention of medical personnel. This internal medicine specialist is treating Covid-19 patients in Jayapura City even though he and his family are getting sick because they have been infected to the virus.

Unsparing, he handles patients from three hospitals with an on call or virtual system. The three hospitals in question are Bhayangkara Hospital, Jayapura Dok II Hospital and Provita Hospital.

“I am being treated at the Provita Hospital, our family is getting positive (Covid-19). I continue to monitor them (patients) by picket on call. In the field, my assistant reports progress every day,” said Victor via WhatsApp message, Wednesday, July 21, 2021.

Victor also told me that when feelingsymptoms of being unwell, he was working to treat positive patients. However, it is due to patients arriving at 2 hospitals, he did not take a rest to monitor patients.

Currently, Victor admits that his condition is more stable, but still weak. “My current condition is still a little weak but stable. Tomorrow is the last antivirus and a re-swab for me,” said Victor.

Apart from himself, Victor’s wife and children also contracted Covid-19. Even though he is receiving incentive treatment due to be contracted to Covid-19, Victor continues to carry out his duties as a doctor, by checking the condition of his patients via virtual.

Victor informed that a total of 72 patients were being treated at Bhayangkara Hospital and Jayapura Dok II Hospital on Tuesday, July 20, 2021. “I managed 3 hospitals but at Provita Hospital my friend (lung specialist) and (internal medicine specialist) helped me, then in two other hospitals, assistants who back up,” he explained.

For Victor, caring for patients is the call of duty of humanity even though he is sick due to Covid-19. Moreover, in the second wave, many patients who arrived were seriously ill.

“For the sake of humanity, what can you do? I feel sorry for my friends like Dr. Theo, if as long as I am getting sick, he can handle all of them, they can get sick later,” said Victor while explaining that many patients with severe conditions had arrived, which made him exposed due to fatigue.

Victor assessed that the public was starting to do not care about the local government’s appeal to comply with health protocols, thus causing many new cases of Covid-19 in the second wave.

“Being tired of urging, the public also doesn’t seem to care. His appeal is classically prokes, there are still many people who don’t care. Just look at the problem of masks, many are not used properly,” he said.

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