DOB: a Key to Overcome Various Problems in Papua – A Chairman of the Papuan Family Association (IKBP) Ayub Faidiban said the region division of new autonomous regions (DOB) would be the key to resolve various problems in Papua.

In fact, according to Ayub, the region division of Papua could make Earth of Cenderawasih more advanced. This reason encourages IKBP to fully support the Central Government in accelerating the realization of the establishing of three new provinces in Papua.

“Why are we supporting? because we ourselves are Papuan children and see the problems that exist in Papua, how can Papua also progress, the same as other regions,” said Ayub Faidiban in a broadcast, Wednesday night, June 22, 2022.

The region division is important, said Ayub, because the two existing provinces are unable to solve the problems in Papua. He assessed that the addition of the three new provinces was actually still not enough to develop the land of Papua.

He hopes that Southwest Papua and Saereri Bay will soon become new provinces, so that development in Papua can be evenly distributed as in the central and western regions to bring Papua forward and prosperous.

Ayub enquired all elements of society to no longer debate the formation of this new province in Papua. He also ensures that the IKBP is aligned with the Central Government so that the region division of this new autonomous region can be enjoyed by the people.

“If there are other things we think are still lacking, let’s not hinder the the region division of the area, but we convey it in elegant ways to the government so that there is a solution to resolve the problem,” said Ayub.

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