DKP Papua Launches Manis Zola Application – The Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Service of the Papua Province launched the Manis Zola Papua application or Information Management System for the Papua Marine Zone, Thursday (24/11).

The launch of this application was conducted by Assistant III of the Regional Secretariat of Papua, Derek Hegemur at the peak of the commemoration of the 2022 National Fish Day at the Papua Province level which was centered at the Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Service Office of Papua Province, Jayapura City.

Derek said the application is intended to provide an description of data and information related to marine space management.

“So far we only know the Regional Spatial Plan (RTRW) in general, but at sea there is also a spatial plan called RZWP3K,” he explained.

According to Derek, with the presence of this application, in the future knowledge about governance and marine space will not only be owned by the government, but also for everyone, be it individuals, agencies and others.

“The planning documents in RZWP3K are not easy to access, because of that, to make it easier, the Manis Zola Papua application was made,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Head of the Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Office for Papua, Iman Djuniawal said, Manis Zola Papua is a website-based application that displays various kinds of utilization information related to the marine zone or Papuan marine spatial plan based on the RZWP3K Papua Province.

“The benefits of Manis Zola Papua for local governments are to display information on planning, utilization and control of Papuan marine spatial planning activities,” he explained.

He continued, the Manis Zola Papua application can be used by the community and business actors to increase activities with marine spatial planning. This application is also part of the disclosure of public information carried out by the local government. In the Manis Zola Papua application there are various features and advantages that local governments can use to display information related to marine spatial planning.

“Some of these features include data on the structure of sea space, sea spatial patterns, thematic maps, intensity of sea space utilization, number of coastal districts/cities and others. Those who wish to access can visit,” he explained.

In the same place, a Secretary of the Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Service for Papua, Carlos Matuan explained, this application departs from the very rich and wide potential in Papua but is not yet fully known by the public.

“This application is a development of the RZWP3K which was carried out by the Papua Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Service. The document contains many items such as maps, potential data and others. We try to include it in the application so that it makes it easier for people to find information on the Papua seas,” he concluded.

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