Digital Tourism of Jayapura City Citizen –  Recently, a new phenomenon has occurred in Jayapura, namely the emergence of a digital traveler. What is meant here is not visiting to enjoy tourist destinations virtually.

However, they left Jayapura to visit cities with good internet access, such as Manokwari, Sorong, West Papua Province, and some even flew to Makassar or Jakarta.

These digital travelers are willing to buy return plane tickets to come to these cities, because of the demands of work or activities requiring a fast internet access.

Arriving at the destination city, they will update their Whatsapp story or social media story by ‘arriving in 4G city’. They are lecturers who have to make presentations by using Zoom or students who take distance lectures by their lecturers who are abroad.

As is known, some of the younger generation of Papuans study at foreign universities such as Germany, New Zealand, Australia or the US. In addition, creative workers have to send their digital work files by using a large-capacity email.

They are trying to catch the dead line, their work is awaited by clients abroad. Or just open an email to check for new orders.

Usually, these digital travelers, staying in the destination city not long, for about two or three days, as soon as business related to the internet is finished, they immediately return to Jayapura. 

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