Digital Literacy Program for Papua – The Papuan Communications and Information Office (Kominfo) urges students in Bumi Cenderawasih to be wise in using social media through digital literacy programs.

A Head of the Papua Province Diskominfo Jeri A. Yudianto said that in using social media, students have the potential to be dealt with fake news or hoaxes, provocative and the like.

On social media, not all information is useful, because there is also information that is false, provocative and so on,” said Jeri, quoted from the official website of the Papua Province Government, Thursday (13/10/2022).

According to Jeri, a junior high school level students who are still vulnerable need to be given understanding and apprehension through digital literacy programs, so that they can sort out the information consumed or shared through their social media accounts.

The Papuan Provincial Government appeals to people in its territory to be aware of hoaxes or fake news that divide the nation’s unity which has recently been spread through social media.

The head of the Papua Province Communication and Information Office, Jeri Agus Yudianto, said that the public needs to be proactive in checking the truth of any information that appears on social media, before passing it on to the public. Because if not, they will indirectly participate in spreading hoaxes through their social media.

“For example, he got hoax information on social media and then he continued it through his personal account without checking the truth of the information. This is what we are afraid of, so we hope that people do not easily believe all forms of news on social media, be it in the form of images or news that are not yet clear,” said Jeri quoted from the official website of the Papua Province Government, Friday (30/9/2022). .

Jeri also urged to residents to be wiser in using social media for the current situation. This is because the purpose of hoaxes is not only to divide, but also to provoke conflicts that will disrupt regional security and order.

“Let’s respect each other and be wiser in managing social media for the current situation,” he added.

While questioning government activities and community services within the Papua Provincial Government, Jeri ensured that they would continue as usual.

“The government’s activities are running normally and there are no directives or instructions from the leadership to dismiss ASN related to the demonstration,” he concluded.

The Papuan Diskominfo team has also targeted students at SMP Negeri 1 Jayapura, through the digital literacy socialization agenda.

Jeri continued, the digital literacy program implemented by Diskominfo Papua not only targets students, but also parents and even teachers. So that all circles can avoid hoaxes and not participate in spreading them.

The program will begin to be scheduled next year, so that parents and teachers have the right technique in monitoring children who use various social media platforms.

The principal of SMP Negeri 1 Jayapura, Purnama Sinaga, appreciated the digital literacy program for junior high school students carried out by the Papua Ministry of Communication and Informatics.

“This program is very good because it is in line with the literacy movement program in schools to develop literacy, science and digital. But for digital, it only focuses on using learning features or platforms,” ​​he said. He also added that the dissemination of digital literacy for students is important to continue to be carried out so that students can avoid being victims of technology a

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