Development of Hydroponic Garden Group in Biak – To support the cultivation of hydroponic plants in Biak Regency, PLN provided assistance worth IDR 50 million to the Biak Hydroponic Gardens Group. This assistance, which is part of the Social and Environmental Responsibility (TJSL) program, was given directly by the Manager of PLN UP3 Biak, Yakomina M. W. Senadi to the Head of the Biak Hydroponic Gardens Group, Ludwig Ibram B. Untayana.

The assistance is planned to be used to purchase seeds, nutrition and additional media and other planting equipment. Besides, in order to support farming activities, new electrical connections will be installed, which previously used electricity from local residents.

The head of the Biak Hydroponic Gardens Group, Ludwig Ibram B. Untayana, expressed his appreciation to PLN for being concerned about the development of hydroponic cultivation. In the future, it is expected to continue so that more or less it can support the local economy.

“Thanks to PLN for supporting our group to grow. We plan to also add water reservoirs so that the planting process can be more effective with sufficient water availability,” said Ludwig.

This 10×15 meter hydroponic area is planted with various vegetables, including Brazilian spinach, lettuce, kale and Thai mustard. The existing harvests are packaged and sold to several restaurants at a price of IDR 15,000 per plastic bag to be used as fresh vegetables.

A manager of PLN UP3 Biak, Yakomima M. W. Senadi, explained that this hydroponic planting activity was felt to be very helpful for people who wanted to grow crops with minimal planting space. In addition, this is also a step to introduce the culture of electrifying agriculture to the wider community.

“In addition to being committed to providing reliable electricity supply, PLN also wants to contribute to creating a green environment in Biak, one of which is through hydroponic plants. We hope that this assistance can be useful and have a positive effect on the surrounding community,” said Yakomima.

The electrifying agriculture program itself is one of the innovations for the agricultural sector in utilizing various agricultural equipment and technologies using the electricity. With this new culture, it is expected that it will increase productivity and reduce operational costs so that the profits to be even greater.

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