Developing Renewable Energy and Mainstay Development Programs – A Head of the Papua Province Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) Office, Frets Boray, said that his party is now focusing on two main programs.

The two main programs are the development of New Renewable Energy Natural Resources and the Mainstay of Development Program in Papua.

The two main programs are intended for household and industrial needs. This program is also a part of the program directed by the Governor of Papua, Lukas Enembe.

“The alternative taken by the government is to develop new renewable energy, using a development approach, both at the central government and the Papua provincial government,” said Frets Boray, in an interactive dialogue at LPP RRI Tasangkapura, Jayapura, Tuesday (21/6/2022). .

Frets said that the Papua Provincial Government is now focusing on the use of fossil energy and new renewable energy natural resources (SDA) to complete electric lighting in the wider community.

“When we talk about fossil energy, it means we are talking about reserves or availability, which in this case are natural resources for oil and gas,” he said.

However, for him, the level of need from day to day continues to increase along with the increase in population.

This need is in contrast to the availability of dwindling natural resources.

He said one example that the government will temporarily work on is micro-hydro or hydroelectric power.

“Perhaps the use of river water as a new renewable energy generator in hydropower and we will also develop PLTS or Solar Power Plants,” he said.

“The program that is currently being carried out is PLTA, then later there will be installation of a solar panel roof on the Rooftop,” he added.

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