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Developing Creative Economy in Papua

goodmorningpapua.com – Untung Sangaji, has a humane sense and a social spirit to the wider community on the earth of paradise. This is done beyond his figure as a police officer or member of the Bhayangkara corps.

On the sidelines of his busy life as the number one person at the Merauke Police since October 13, 2020, AKBP Untung Sangaji always took the time to mingle with the wider community from all ages through various social activities.

A Head of Police, who was also known during the Thamrin Bombing incident in Jakarta, provided a training on how to make buttons from coconut shells, together with the Merauke Police, he also provided a training on how to make coconut oil, bricks from palm oil waste, development of milkfish cultivation, cultivation of bananas, donated livestock seeds and helped to build houses of worship.

As a result of the creative economy training that has been running for almost 1.5 years, some Merauke people are now able to be self-sufficient. “We have created a home industry for six indigenous Papuan tribes, there are around 175 people who are being trained to process waste and we can feel the results now,” said Untung.

Not only did he create a creative economy, he also made a big breakthrough by buying 40 hectares of land in the sloping land district. The plan is to build a residential area for members of the Police, Mobile Brigade Battalion, Densus 88, Merauke journalists, environmentalists, representatives of home industry craftsmen and representatives of elementary school teachers.

With the increasing frequency of meeting with the people of Merauke in person and conducting intensive discussions, Untung admitted that more and more information was obtained in disclosing various criminal cases.

“The firearms selling, plans to disrupt the PON event by groups suspected of being terrorists and a number of other major cases can be uncovered thanks to intensive communication with Papuans,” said AKBP Untung Sangaji.

Recently Untung Sangaji also received an award from the Ministry of Law and Human Rights through the Merauke Class IIB Penitentiary, for helping catch prisoners who escaped from the Penitentiary. Not only that, he has also won awards from the United Nations and the Singapore’s defense minister for handling the incident 185 in 1997.

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