Despite the National Crisis, Economy of Jayapura City Grows 1.74 Percent –  Even though it is still in a situation of Covid-19 pandemic, Jayapura City, Papua Province remains to record economic growth even though it is not significant.

“Our economy is growing 1.74 percent since the activities of the community and the business world are gradually normalizing,” said the Mayor of Jayapura, Benhur Tomi Mano, at the Jayapura Mayor’s Office, Monday (24/5/2021).

Tomi Mano said, in March 2020 the beginning of the pandemic until the midst of the year, the economy in the capital of Papua Province was corrected by 0.82 percent by the end of the time limit for activities.

“September 2020, we will implement a new normal so that community and economic activities can grow again, but we still prioritize health services by implementing the strict health protocols,” said Tomi Mano.

Tomi Mano said that this economic growth must be maintained as evidence of strengthening of economic endurance and the stability of various prices and basic necessities available to people to fulfill their daily consumption needs.

“What we are doing, everything is for the prosperity and happiness of the community,” said Tomi Mano.

The Regional Secretary of Jayapura City, Frnas Pekey, reminded residents to obey the health protocols such as wearing masks, maintaining distance, washing hands with soap with running water, and reducing physical activity outside the home.

“All of this is done to maintain health so that we can return to normal activities without any obstruction from the Covid-19 outbreak,” said Pekey.

Pekey said, the treatment  of  health and economic recovery went hand in hand so that the economy of Jayapura City could grow significantly even though it was still in a Covid-19 pandemic situation.

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