Designing Health Transformation in Papua – The Indonesian Institute of Health (IKI) Jakarta and the DPRD of Jayapura City, Papua, have agreed to develop human resources in the health sector in Jayapura and its surroundings.

“We will immediately carry out the initial stage in Jayapura,” said an IKI Chancellor, Dr. Nurlis Effendi at the IKI Campus, Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta, Thursday (26 May 2022).

Nurlis explained, the program was realized from the results of discussions with a number of members of the DPRD of Jayapura City who visited the IKI Campus on Wednesday (25/5/2022).

“In addition to developing human resources in the health sector in Jayapura, we will also develop a health research and development system,” said Nurlis.

According to Nurlis, IKI will indeed lead to a research campus in the health sector.

‚ÄúThis focus on research areas is greatly beneficial for the public interest. Every public policy related to health must of course be based on the results of research carried out in the academic world,” he said.

The member of the Jayapura City DPRD who visited IKI directly was La Ode Mohitu, a member of Commission A of the Jayapura City DPRD. He was accompanied by Karim Lasuliha, S.Kom., M.KP., Chairman of PSI Jaya Pura.

Meanwhile, Nurlis was accompanied by Sischa Andriani Alimin SKM., MKM., a lecturer at the IKI Environmental Health Study Program.

IKI undertakes to provide scholarships for Papuan children who continue their education in the health sector.

“Of course, this is after we made an approach with the campus, and the agreement came,” said La Ode.

“A program like this is very good, and only IKI has held such a program,” he said.

La Ode added that the scheme is that the education costs are fully financed by the IKI while the cost of living and housing will be prepared by the Jaya Pura government.

“The composition of this scholarship award will be 80 percent Papuan men and women, and the rest are sons and daughters who are not native to Papua but have settled in Papua,” he said.

“Regarding the number of participants for this scholarship, we will determine together later, after the IKI Chancellor visits Papua and sees firsthand the conditions there,” he added.

On a separate occasion, Sischa met with three other members of the Jayapura City DPRD, namely the Chairman of Commission C Ismail, the Chairman of Commission D Stanis, and member of Commission B Irmanto Rannu.

As to health workers, there is very little in Papua. According to data from the Ministry of Health, 50 percent of Papua’s health facilities, such as puskesmas, do not yet have a doctor on duty. The same condition also occurs in Maluku. A total of 513 or 4.97 percent of puskesmas in Maluku and Papua do not have doctors.

Then, 5,354 or 51.85 percent of Puskesmas do not yet have 9 types of health workers in full. There are three things that need to be transformed into the general picture of the condition of health workers in Papua, namely the number of human resources that need to be increased, their distribution is still uneven, and their quality is still limited.

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