Deeply Mourning, 3 Crews of the Airplane that Crashed in Papua are Found Dead – A Police Chief of Intan Jaya AKBP Sandi Sultan confirmed that the Rimbun Air PK OTW plane which had lost contact in Sugapa District, Intan Jaya Regency, Papua, had been found.

“It has been found at an altitude of 2,400 meters, the distance is 5-6 km from Bilogai Airport to the Homeyo District,” said Sandi when contacted by telephone, Wednesday (15/9/2021).

Sandi said, based on observations from helicopters, the condition of the plane was in wrecked. Therefore, he estimates, the three crew members who took part in the flight are unlikely to survive.

“The condition of the plane is destroyed, there is little chance of survival, the head of the plane is the most destroyed,” he said.

A process for evacuating victims, continued Sandi, will be carried out by road. To anticipate disturbances from armed criminal groups (KKB) in the area, the security forces will be accompanied by local community and religious leaders. “Indeed it is vulnerable (KKB), but God willing, it will not be disturbed. Evacuation will involve the community, TNI-Polri, deputy regents are also here,” said Sandi.

Generally, a flight from Nabire to Sugapa takes around 40 minutes. Bilorai Sugapa Airport is one of the airports in Papua located on the edge of a cliff and its runway is only 600 meters long, so only small aircraft can land at the location.

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