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Dedicating Self in Hinterland for the sake of Papuan Children

goodmorningpapua.com – The air in Beanegogom, Banigogom, Tembagapura District, Mimika Regency, Papua, was cool that day. Whereas, the clock shows twelve PM. The position of the sun is already directly overhead.

Mountains surround this area. Lush trees towering high into the view. All green. It is really calming.

Several houses of people stood there. Including school buildings. Namely the State Junior High School (SMPN) Tsinga.

That day, Toni Arwan did not teach. He only fills the morning with worship at church. After he finished, he seemed to rush into the teacher’s room, as well as his residence.

He put a number of things in his backpack. Starting from biscuits, 1.5 liters of rice and clothes. Toni then swiftly took a pair of shoes. The backpack he had was on his back. While in his right hand he is carrying a jerry can of 5 liters of water.

Toni’s preparation is quite mature. He didn’t want any obstacles in the way. Because the journey from Beanegogom to Timika City is not short. Taking up to hours.

Together with a partner, he decided to leave Beanegogom. From a long time ago, both of them prepared their bodies physically. Not only to take part in the competency selection stage 1 for Government Employees with a Work Agreement (P3K). But the field of travel taken really needs preparation.

They had to cleave the mountains. Climbing road. The sharp rocks on the left and right are firmly standing. It’s very steep. Just a little slip, life in danger. Overturned and fell into the abyss.

“From the village there is no way down, the main thing is that the terrain continues to climb,” the story of this 30-year-old young man recounted his journey on August 29, 2021.

Whenever they feel tired, they choose to rest. Both must really save energy. Do not let the struggle in the middle of the road defeat the spirit of being a P3K ASN.

Four hours is not felt. The extreme road was successfully conquered even though the feet felt blistered. They arrived at Mozes Kilangin Airport, Mimika, just before sunset.

Don’t imagine that their struggle is over. Not at all. They had to wait for the plane until the next day. Because the flight schedule in Mimika is very limited. Only twice a week, with a capacity of 6 passengers.

That night, Toni and his partner spent the night in Honai. A traditional house owned by Papuans. It is located not far from the airport. The rice they brought was processed to fill the stomach. Tired of the day paid off by eating together.

The next day arrived. The struggle to become an ASN is in sight. When the plane carrying them took off from Mozes Kilangin Airport. 20 minutes later, they arrived in Timika City, where the selection was made on September 14, 2021.

Indeed, the selection period is still two weeks away. The choice came early they had to do. Because if bad weather hits, there will be no flights from Mimika Regency. The two of them had to make careful calculations. Because they don’t want these obstacles to thwart their dream of becoming a civil servant.

The day awaited arrived. The young man from Mambi, Mamasa, West Sulawesi was confident to take the test that day. A few weeks later, the good news came. Toni passed as a first aid teacher. All the struggles that have been passed are no longer felt. Turns into real happiness.

Toni is more than a month in Mimika City. During that time, learning activities in his class stopped. Again, flight schedules and weather are obstacles in themselves. Toni can only return on October 13.

“This struggle results in a happy fruit, all tiredness is gone,” he said cheerfully.

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