Dedi Darmawan, Ex-Soundman of Ahmad Dhani Encouraging Papuan Youth to Process Waste to Become a Work of Art – Where the earth is stepped on, there the sky is upheld. This proverb is apt to describe the journey of Dedi Darmawan (39), an ex- soundman of a musician Ahmad Dhani who has now established himself in his work for Papua.

This man from Kuningan, West Java, has no any grandiose intentions and no political interests.

Met by at Soetijah Beach Cafe, Holtekamp Beach Jayapura, Saturday (5/6/2021) afternoon, Dedi was getting optimistic that Papuan youth can be creative in various fields.

He believes that young Papuans are able to manage any potential in their own land, especially the use of plastic waste.

Together with his wife, Metta (40) from Pekanbaru, Dedi invites and motivates Papuan youth from various community backgrounds, explores more interests and talents, and then works and exhibits together.

“I first came here to see a lot of garbage on the beach. I didn’t mean to blame anyone. The point is that this is our common consciousness,” said Dedi.

The figure who claims to have only graduated from the fifth grade of Elementary School (SD) is concerned about hearing the complaints of Papuan youths.

The complaint was obtained by this father of three when he served sound system for various events, such as in Jayapura, Biak, and Merauke.

In his view, so far the creativity of Papuan youth has not been given much attention by the government.

This made him called to contribute for the progress of the young generation of Papua, then left his profession.

“I want the current works to be a forum for communities willing to create or exhibit. Let’s not expect more from the government or other people,” said Dedi encouragingly.

Initially, Dedi visited Jayapura City in 2018. He joined the Wonderfull Indonesia Team in the inauguration of the RI-(Papua New Guinea) PNG border post by President Jokowi in Skouw, Muara Tami District.

“At that time, I was a soundman,” said Dedi, who admitted that he liked reggae music after traveling to Jayapura.

Soetijah Beach Kafe itself chooses used wood and plastic waste as its building materials.

The goal is to give a deep message for visitors to take care of the cleanliness of the environment and to love nature.

“Actually, it’s also to campaign that Papua has extraordinary potential. Just trash can be a work of art. I convey this message and invite them to work,” he said.

Asked for his opinion, Dora Hamadi (38), a visitor to Soetijah Beach Kafe, said that he was happy for Dedi Darmawan’s presence in Jayapura.

“Bang Dedi is a mentor for the music, carving, dance and other communities in Jayapura. He is also our partner in managing events,” he said.

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