Custodian of Papuan Cultures Accuses Lukas Enembe of Violating Ancestral Heritage – The custodian of the La Pago Cultural Customs Center in the Baliem Jayawijaya Valley, Papua, Ismail Asso, accused the Papuan Governor Lukas Enembe of violating ancestral heritage. He considered that Lukas Enembe did not deserve to be appointed as the head of a great tribe.

“Lukas Enembe violated the cultural customs of ancestral heritage in the marriage system, within the cultural sphere of the La Pago customary area. Is it proper that someone who does not know cultural customs actually violates cultural traditions? It is even considered disgraceful and embarrassing as PAWI considered him a chief of the great tribe,” said Ismail Asso in information received, Friday (14/10/2022).

Ismail said that the culture or traditional territory of La Pago recognizes a marriage system based on two halves called Wita-Wiya (a term in Papuan culture).

“Lukas’ wife is with surname of Wenda. Meanwhile, Lukas himself is with surname of Enembe. Enembe and Wenda are still the same half as Wita,” he said.

“According to the cultural traditions of the La Pago traditional area, Lukas Enembe is a human being who does not know La Pago’s cultural customs. Because it is considered incest or intermarrying within one half of the clan,” he continued.

Related to this, Ismail Asso then concluded that Lukas Enembe was a person who did not know the cultural tradition of La Pago. Lukas Enemebe is considered a person who violates the customary marriage tradition of fellow members of the Wita and Wiya clans.

“The question is, is it true and should Luke Enembe be apppointed as a big tribal chief? It is inappropriate and even he deserves social sanctions for violating the legal order of La Pago’s cultural traditions,” he said.

The Papuan Governor Lukas Enembe has been confirmed as the head of a large tribe in Papua. The inauguration was carried out by the Papuan Customary Council (DAP) which was present from 7 regions.

“This is an organizational process. We have held the 11th official plenary session in Jayapura. All seven regions are present,” said Chairman of the Papuan Customary Council Dominikus Sorabut in a statement received on Monday (10/10).

The inauguration was carried out at Lukas Enembe’s private residence in Koya Tengah, Muara Tami District, Jayapura, Papua on Sunday (9/10). The Papuan Customary Council assesses Lukas Enembe from his actions so far.

“We were not bribed by anyone, but our conscience was called for Mother Earth, so we came and decided that it was worthy of Luke Enembe to be made the great leader of the land and the Papuan people or the chief of the large tribes of the land and the Papuan people,” he explained.

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