Culture and Nature Makes People of Kampung Abar of Papua Spotless from Covid-19 – The community has local wisdom supporting them to avoid Covid-19 infection. In Kampung Abar, Papua, for example. Long before the government campaigned for health protocols to prevent the spread of the Corona virus, they had implemented it long ago.

The residents of Kampung Abar living on the shores of Lake Sentani, Jayapura Regency, Papua, carry out their daily activities by keeping their distance and limiting mobility. The head of the Abar tribe, Naftali Felle, said that mothers making pottery usually work in their homes. Men also go to the garden or fish in Lake Sentani individually.

The cuisine he meant was hot Papeda and yellow gravy fish. After eating Papeda and yellow gravy fish, the body usually sweats. That’s one of the reasons why they have always been healthy since their ancestors.

In term of geographic, it is needed of an extra effort to reach Kampung Abar, which has been known as one of the tourist destinations in Papua. Arriving at Sentani Airport, tourists will go to Yahim Pier by land for about 25 minutes. From there, take a boat for 15 minutes to the south of Lake Sentani. That’s where the Abar Tribe settled.

Naftali explained, the number of tourists who came to Kampung Abar during the Covid-19 pandemic was indeed much reduced. Even so, the pottery craftsmen are still working in preparation for the Papeda Eating Festival in Pottery which will take place on September 30, 2021.

With the habits of the people and the geographical location, Naftali continued, until now there have been zero Covid-19 cases in Abar Village. In Jayapura Regency, Papua, there are three districts that are included in the Covid-19 red zone, namely Sentani District, East Sentani District, and Waibu District. Kampung Abar is located in Ebungfauw District, Jayapura Regency.

Researcher from the Papua Archaeological Center, Hari Suroto, said that during July 2021, the research team did a prehistoric archeological research in Kampung Abar. Before entering the village, everyone must undergo a rapid antigen test. “If the result is negative, then you can enter Kampung Abar,” said Hari Suroto, who is also a lecturer in Archeology at Cenderawasih University.

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