Cultural Parade in Asmat Enlivens the Spirit of Indonesian Independence – Being far from the nation’s capital, does not decrease the sense of nationalism of the people in Asmat Regency, South Papua. This fact can be seen from the spirit of welcoming the 77th Independence Day of the Republic of Indonesia.

Thousands of people in Agats City, the capital of Asmat Regency, took to the streets to take part in the cultural parade. Even though it was raining, the enthusiasm of the people from the area known as the concrete flyover did not dim.

The people were so enthusiastic about celebrating the independence feast. The cultural parade in Agats, for example, started at Agats Harbor and ended at the Yosudarso Concrete Field.

Asmat Regent Elisa Kambu continued to wave to participants in the cultural parade. For him, the euphoria of the people in Agats City is clearly visible. This is because in recent years crowds have been banned due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

“As we have seen earlier, all levels of society, small, large, old, young, male, female from the group are all involved. This may also show that for the past two years, we have been haunted by Covid-19,” said Elisa Kambu.

Elisa Kambu also admitted that he was touched by the enthusiasm of the Agats people who welcomed the 77th Independence Day of the Republic of Indonesia. Moreover, the cultural parade was attended by various ethnic groups from the archipelago, government organizations, students to indigenous peoples.

“People are so enthusiastic. They want to show that they want to be free to be independent. It’s called the country’s birthday, they do it with various decorations,” said Elisa Kambu.

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