Cross-Generation Musicians Share Knowledge and Inspiration Each Other in Papua – Four young Papuan musicians namely Christian Setyo Adi, Melfritin Waimbo, Yudhi Kaiwa and Bastian Marani shared a special opportunity with other musicians who participated in the Art Gathering which was held on July 13-14 at Suni Garden Lake Hotel & Resort Sentani, Jayapura.

In the Music Laboratory and Focus Group Discussion sessions, they tried to collaborate on musical works and share inspiration for Papuan cultural arts. A total of 14 musicians with different musical genre backgrounds received direction and guidance from the facilitator and culturalist Sutanto and ethnomusicologist Joko Suranto.

A Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology through the Directorate of Film, Music and Media, Directorate General of Culture held an Art Gathering on 11 to 17 July 2022. 14 young artists were present in the city of Jayapura to stay in touch, appreciate and introduce Indonesia Speaking 2022 in the protected area culture in Indonesia.

“The Art Gathering is an interesting and special moment, even though it’s only for five days, but I think the 14 young musicians who participated have brought their musical bodies that have traces and history, so that the musical collaboration that will manifest is not something instant at all. ,” said Joko Suranto Gombloh in his written statement.

Young Papuan musician, Yudhi Kaiwa said that what became the inspiration and reference in the collaboration at the Art Gathering was the myth of the creation of humans from the Papuan Asmat tribe and Papuan nature.

“Our group already has an idea to create a musical collaboration, namely by combining soundscapes with traditional Papuan instruments and voices that have been changed into samples, and added Papuan songs and hums,” said Yudhi.

An anthropologist and musician participating in the Art Gathering, Halida Bunga Fisandra, explained that the experience of meeting and getting to know Papua for the first time in person, such as a visit to the Pharaa Market was the main inspiration for how this composer collaboration was carried out.

“Moreover, we are not native Papuans. So that, we use our meeting with Papua as a momentum that can manifest sound expressions that are close to the background of our respective musical bodies. A short time does not seem enough to deepen the richness of Papuan art,” said Halida.

This Art Gathering is one of a series of the 2022 Indonesian Speaking Mega Event Festival which is held as part of the grand event of the G20 Ministerial Meeting on Culture (G20 Ministerial Meeting on Culture) which will be held in the Borobudur area, Magelang, Central Java in September 2022. .

The Jayapura Art Gathering involved 14 participants from various provinces, two facilitators, namely music maestro Sutanto or Tanto Mendut and Joko Suranto (Gombloh), as well as 2 resource persons who were anthropologists, practitioners, art researchers, and lecturers; Enrico Yosi Kondologit and Prof. DR. Djohan Salim, as well as collaborating with the local art community who played an important role in designing the Art Gathering, namely Action Papua.

The 14 young Indonesian musicians participating in the Art Gathering included Wahyu Thoyyib Pambayun, Rani Jambak, Halida Bungan Fisandra, Sraya Murtikanti, I Gede Yogi Sukawiadnyana, Presley Talaut, Christian Setyo Adi, Melfritin Waimbo, Yudhi Kalwa, Bastian Marani, Purwoko Ryan Ajayanto, Sri Hanuraga, Ana Adila Putri and Yuddan Fijar SugmaTimur.

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