Covid-19 Pandemic, Tarawih Prayers in Papua Wait for the Instruction of the Minister of Religion – A Papua Covid-19 Task Force has ensured that the Tarawih prayers ahead of Ramadan can be carried out based on an instruction from the Minister of Religion. Even so, the schedule for the tarawih prayer is still waiting for the Isbat Session.

A Daily Chair of the Papua Province Covid-19 Task Force, William R Manderi, supports the central regulation in implementing tarawih prayers.

“Current conditions in Papua for Covid-19 patients are starting to sag and we believe that the Tarawih prayers can be performed, for the procedures for their implementation,” he explained, Monday, March 21, 2022.

For this reason, he appealed to the public to immediately vaccinate to form herd immunity.

‚ÄúSurely it will not hinder activities, if all congregations have received complete vaccinations. I don’t think it will reduce our activities, but what must be noted is that the process continues,” he urged.

He admits that currently the condition of the COVID-19 patient is slightly sloping, but it does not get out of control, the procedure is still being carried out, using masks and washing hands.

“The important thing is that health care facilities in the field must exist, so that they can support worship more safely in their implementation,” he said.

In Islam, the determination of the beginning of Ramadan and other major holidays uses two methods, namely Rukyatul Hilal [observation of the moon] and Hisab [calculation]. Rukyatul Hilal is the activity of observing the appearance of the crescent moon. Rukyatul Hilal itself can be seen with the naked eye, but to make it clearer in seeing it, an ordinary telescope is a tool for seeing the new moon.

Determination using the Rukyatul Hilal method occurs when you see a new moon above a height of two degrees. However, if it is below that number, then the start of Ramadan will occur on the day after tomorrow.

While Hisab is a method that considers the new moon above the horizon. The benchmark is the height of the new moon, even though it is a few degrees above the horizon, it is considered a new moon. This calculation is commonly used by Muhammadiyah organization.

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