Cornelia Mudumi Elected as a Chair of the Papuan Indonesian Women Journalists Forum – Cornelia Mudumi, an iNews journalist, was elected as Chair of the Papuan Women Journalists Forum (FJPI) for the period 2021-2024. He won the most votes in the election during the Regional Conference (Musda) of the FJPI Papua taking place in Jayapura City, Saturday (11/10/2021).

Cornelia got a total of 19 votes. He was ahead of Alfonsa Wayap, his rival who got 12 votes. This selection process is held online and offline.

Through this Musda, the management of FJPI Papua for the 2018-2021 period, which is led by Yuliana Lantipo (Chair), Omega Batkorumbawa (Secretary) and Elsye Sanyi (Treasurer) officially ends.

After receiving the trust to lead the Papuan FJPI, Cornelia thanked all the members spread in Wamena, Serui, Biak, Merauke and Timika. Because so far they have helped in the organization.

“We still ask for the support of friends in working together for the next three years. I hope that we all support each other to strengthen female journalists in Papua,” said Coni, her nickname, Saturday (11/12/2021).

In its vision and mission, Coni will immediately carry out the Journalist Competition Test (UKW) to make female journalists in Papua able to improve the quality and professionalism of journalists. “This includes collaborating with many parties to support the work of women journalists in Papua to be more advanced and competent,” she said. It is known that FJPI Papua was established on April 6, 2018. Its membership reaches more than 30 people spread across Wamena, Biak Numfor, Jayapura City and Regencies, Merauke, Timika and Serui.

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