Cooperation to Improve Regional Financial Management in Papua – PT. Papua Regional Development Bank (BPD) took a collaboration with Central Papua Province which was marked by the signing of a joint agreement on the management of regional government-owned funds between the Regional Government of Central Papua Province and PT BPD Papua, at the Swiss Bell Hotel, Friday (23/12).

Plt. The main director of Bank Papua, Yuliana D. Yembise, in her remarks conveyed the basis for the Minister of Home Affairs Regulation Number 77 of 2020 concerning technical guidelines for regional financial management. Then regional financial management is the whole activity which includes planning, budgeting, implementation, administration, reporting, accountability, and supervision of regional finances.

“In order to support the Regional Government in a transparent and accountable Financial Administration, Bank Papua has an IT Blueprint which covers banking information technology risk management,” said Yuliana.

She continued, the application systems that are already available to support the revenue and spending of the Regional Government of the Province of Central Papua, including tax revenues and levies, can use the MPOS/TMD, EDC, Teller, modern and channel application systems.

With a spending system including subsidies/assistance, development expenditures, routine expenditures can use application systems including Smart Practice, CMS/SIPD, ATM, M-BANKING and QRIS.

“This Application System Collaboration can increase the Electronification rating of Provincial, district/city Regional Government Transactions in accordance with the Regulation of the Minister of Home Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia Number 56 of 2021 Concerning the Team for the Acceleration and Expansion of Provincial and Regency/City Regional Digitization and the procedures for implementing Regional Government transaction electronification”,she explained

She said, with these digital products and services it is hoped that they will be able to facilitate banking transactions and increase the efficiency of local governments and people in Central Papua Province.

“Bank Papua’s management expresses their gratitude and appreciates the Provincial Government of Central Papua who is committed to collaborating with PT Bank Papua for the betterment of the people in the Mepago region,” she said.

Meanwhile, an Acting Governor of Central Papua Dr. Ribka Haluk, S.Sos, MM said that this cooperation is an important agenda for community development in the land of Papua, especially in Central Papua and the newly expanded areas, of course, in the three new autonomous regions.

Ribka said the signing of the joint agreement on the distribution of funds belonging to the regional government, in this case the Central Papua provincial government, as a working partner of PT Bank Papua for the local government.

“With this collaboration, Bank Papua will become our partner in modifying regional revenue transactions which are the responsibility of the regional government, meaning that effective regional financial management is of course efficient, transparent and accountable,” said Ribka.

It was explained that the Minister of Home Affairs had inaugurated Central Papua Province with the capital city in Nabire Regency which consisted of 8 regencies including Nabire as a new autonomous region, of course the identity of the regional government with PT Bank Papua as a financial institution and also very much needed to develop Central Papua Province, both from economic side as well as community empowerment and public services in general.

The Acting Governor also said that the government in Central Papua Province has been active and has even been formed and a system has been built and has even started to provide services.

“We have held MO meetings several times with PT Bank Papua and today this commitment has taken the form of a body,” he said.

Rebekah explained, the signing commitment became a legal force for two parties, including the Government of Central Papua and PT Bank Papua.

“We hope that we will build this collaboration in a healthy manner, so that under our leadership this partnership will work well and Bank Papua is trusted by the people. So that the Papua provincial government will truly serve the community well,” he concluded.

The activity was also attended by Commissioner of Bank Papua Arobi Ahmad Aituarauw, Director of Operations, Isak S Wopari and Director of Compliance Betty J. Juliaantje and other Bank Papua employees.

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