Consistency of the Shared Forum for the Tabi Customary Territory to Support the Expansion of Papua – Leaders of tradition, religion, MRP, DPRD, women and youth in the Tabi customary region who are members of the Tabi Customary Territory Joint Forum have consistently supported the division of Papua including South Papua Province, Central Papua Province and Central Highlands Papua Province.

The consistency of the Shared Forum for Tabi Customary Territory was affirmed in a declaration which was read directly by the Head of the Tabi Regional Heads Forum who is also the Regent of Jayapura Regency Mathius Awoitauw, Friday 11 March 2022 in a hotel at Sentani, Jayapura regency:

1. Supporting the Establishment of New Autonomous Regions (DOB) in Papua Province including South Papua Province, Central Papua Province and Central Highlands Papua Province.

2. Insisting the Governor of Papua, DPRP Papua, MRP to respond and to deal with the socio-political dynamics that are developing in Papua.

3. Encouraging the Central Government to remain consistent in the implementation of Special Autonomy in the Papua Province.

4. Urging the Regional Leaders Forum in Tabi Land to protect and consolidate the rights of indigenous peoples in the Tabi area.

“The indigenous people of the Tabi region have consistently pushed for special autonomy to be revised so that it is even better for accelerating the welfare of the Papuan people,” he explained.

Mathius explained that the people in the Tabi area have never rejected Otsus, but Otsus must be improved.

“In the improvement, an additional article appeared and it was completed again and in it there was an expansion and it had been approved,” he said.

As stated by him, if the special autonomy law has been passed, it can be implemented. “The Tabi Customary Forum will also encourage the division of Papua because it is very important for the welfare of the Papuan people,” he explained.

His party considered that if there were still protests about the division of Papua, it was a natural thing in political dynamics. “Rejection is normal and will not affect our determination to support division. So, an idea there are likes and dislikes and that’s normal. We still have one goal, namely for the welfare of the Tabi community,” said Mathius Awoitauw.

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