Considering the Label of Terrorism in Papua

Considering the Label of Terrorism in Papua – In recent days the Armed Criminal Group (KKB) has kept on to shoot and stab a student of Public Senior High School [ SMAN ] 1 Ilaga, Puncak Regency, Papua, named Ali Mom. The KKB crime against civilians was a ruthless action, even the BNPT confirmed that this act was the same as a terrorist because it was inhumane so that it had to be processed legally and traditionally.

This viewpoint comes from the global appeal for the threat of terrorism influenced by the effect of Al Qaeda and ISIS and their derivation from various countries and in Indonesia. The government sees that this potential is sufficient in Papua even though it is not as big as the potential threat in Java Island.

However, it should be noticed that the labeling is concerned to emerge a psycho-social impact on the Papuan people. For it is possible that Papuans living in foreign areas to experience a similar labeling. Terrorism is an extraordinary crime against humanity occuring throughout the World. To overcome the such thing, the government applies the concept of deradicalization in order for changing a radical perspective into an unradical one. So far, deradicalization has used a military approach, but there are other alternatives using a socio-cultural approach.

According to Fatia (2021), the government should learn from several violent incidents ever occurred. For example, incidents of racism against Papuan students at Yogyakarta and Surabaya in 2019. This incident has caused social upheaval, especially for the Papuan people.

The discourse of redefining the KKB as a terrorist actually to make the situation in Papua potentially worse. The discourse to characterize the KKB into the classification of a terrorist organization is a move that is hasty as well as has the potential for abuse of power.

In the future, all stakeholders (traditional leaders, government, and the people of Papua) must learn from the success of the struggle of Amungme tribe with their traditional institutions in 1994-1998. The strategy of struggle for peace must be renewed.

Start with ending violence among fellow Papuans and the other civilians. Every provocation toward violence must be countered with critical thinking and negotiation. Violent only to give benefit to “the other party”. 

On the other hand, the Government needs to maintain to take a humanist approach in resolving conflicts in Papua.  To take a more humanist approach, not with a security approach or not based on militeristics and terrific approach (Widjojo, 2021).

The struggle for democracy and human rights is an alternative because it guarantees respect for human dignity. The most essential freedom is when a person or group of people get freedom from fear, oppression and violence.

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