Concerning the Papuan Footballers Who Successfully Entered Foreign Competitions – Apart from Melvin Rumerre who became the top scorer in the New Zealand League, here are a number of Papuan football players who have successfully come into foreign competitions. The name of Melvin Rumere has recently been in the spotlight, especially for Indonesian football fans.

The reason is, the 20-year-old player who was born in Biak, Papua, is known to be performing impressively with his club in the New Zealand League competition. Launching from the local New Zealand website,, it is known that Melvin Rumere succeeded to score 13 goals until week 12 of the New Zealand Central Federation League or the third tier of the New Zealand League this season.

The score created by Melvin Rumere perched on the temporary top scorer list, and managed to be three goals ahead of Liam Percy-Fysh of Napier Marist Football Club as the closest competitor.

Not only perched on top of the top scorer, Melvin Rumere, who plays as a left winger, also successfully brought his club Palmerston North Marist FC to the potential for promotion next season. In total until week 12, Palmerston North Marist FC has collected 26 points and is 6 points away from GJ Gardner Homes Whanganui Athletic in first place.

Melvin Rumere’s brilliant performance made the Indonesian national team have one more option to sharpen their attack line.

In addition, Melvin Rumere’s impressive performance was also able to make Papua proud in the national football scene.

Although Persipura failed to appear in Liga 1 next season, the province still succeeded in producing potential football talent. Not only Melvin Rumere, in fact in recent years there have been several football players from Papua who first succeeded in penetrating competitions outside Indonesia.

  • Patrich Wanggai.

The first name is Patrich Wanggai. The Nabire-born attacker is one of the potential players and had become the foundation of the Indonesian junior national team. After being poor across the Papuan club, in 2014 Patrich Wanggai received an offer from the T-Team who was playing in the Malaysian League.

In addition to the Malaysian League, the 34-year-old player has also performed in the Timor Leste League by strengthening the Dili Karketu in 2016. Even when appearing in the Timor Leste League, Patrich Wanggai succeeded in becoming the top scorer of the Amadora Futebol League with a score of 10 goals from 24 fight.

  • Boaz Solossa

The next is Boaz Solossa. One of the ferocious strikers of the Indonesian and Persipura national teams also had time to explore foreign competitions, although not so long ago.

It was predicted that he would become a superstar and be able to play in Asia’s top competition, but Boaz Solossa preferred to be loyal to Persipura to last for 16 years. However, in 2016, Boaz Solossa had to leave abroad by strengthening Carsae in the Amadora Futebol League or the highest caste of the Timor Leste League. This club is also the only foreign club that Boaz Solossa has strengthened throughout his career.

  • Todd Ferre

Still only 23 years old, but Todd Ferre’s talent has been revealed and is predicted to become one of the stars for the Indonesian national team. Although he was suspended due to disciplinary action, with his young age and natural talent, Todd Ferre is certain to be able to rise again in the following seasons. Before strengthening PSS Sleman this season, Todd Ferre had taken competition in the Thai League by strengthening Lampang FC.

  • Oktovianus Maniani

Born in Jayapura, Oktovianus Maniani’s potential made the Indonesian national team shine in the 2010 AFF Cup. In the competition, Oktovianus Maniani succeeded to bring the Indonesian national team to become the runner-up of the AFF Cup, and a year later was able to win the title of best player at the 2011 SEA Games.

Throughout his career, Oktovianus Maniani has played in the Timor Leste League by strengthening Carsae in 2016. A total of 8 matches, Okto managed to score 6 goals for Carsae.

  • Yanto Basna

This name can be considered as one of the most successful Papuan footballers in his career abroad. Since 2018, Yanto Basna has succeeded to come into the Thai League competition by strengthening Khon Kaen in the Thai League 2.

In the following season, Yanto Basna returned to stay in the Thai League and played for Sukhothai in the Thai League 1 or the top caste of the Thai League. Until the 2021/22 season, Yanto Basna still remained in Thai League 1 by strengthening PT Prachuap, before finally returning to Indonesia and joining Bhayangkara FC.

  • Elie Aiboy

Another player from Jayapura being able to shine abroad.  There is Elie Aiboy, the right wing who became the foundation of the Indonesian national team from 2001 to 2012.

Before retiring in 2015, Elie Aiboy had experienced the Malaysian League competition by strengthening Selangor twice, namely in the 2005 to 2007 and 2008/2009 seasons. Together with Selangor FA, Elie Aiboy won each of the Malaysia Premier League, Malaysia FA Cup and Malaysia Cup trophies. He even won the FA Cup best player title.

  • Ronald Setmot

The last one is Ronald Setmot. The Nabire-born player is currently making a career in Europe by strengthening Borac Kozarska Dubica in the Bosnian League.

Even though he hasn’t recorded any minutes in official matches, Ronal Setmot has performed brilliantly in the Borac Kozarska Dubica testing match and even succeeded to provide one assist.

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