Concerning 5 Villages in Wondama Bay, West Papua Getting Electrical Supply – Five villages in Teluk Wondama Regency, West Papua, have finally received electricity after years of using only the patch-up lamp. The village gets electricity from the Solar Power Plant (PLTS). The five villages are Dusner Village with a total of 83 customers, Nanimori Village with a total of 30 customers, Karuan Village with a total of 38 customers, Yopanggar Village with a total of 49 customers and Menaru Village with 36 customers.

A Head of PT PLN (Persero) Manokwari Customer Service Implementation Unit (UP3) Roberth Rumsaur said the electricity supply for the five villages was an acceleration effort to illuminate villages up to a 100 percent ratio.

Rumsaur also said that the use of PLTS in five villages in Teluk Wondama Regency was a commitment to accelerate new renewable energy. “The use of solar energy is PLN’s effort to support the acceleration of new renewable energy targeted by the government,” said Roberth Rumsaur, Monday (4/18/2022). He also congratulated the five villages in Wondama Bay who are currently enjoying electricity as gifts for Easter 2022 and Ramadan 1443 H.

“We are committed to continuing to provide excellent and reliable service. This is considering the availability of electricity is one of the important points in the necessities of life to support access to education, the economy and even long-term business and industrial growth in the region,” said Roberth Rumsaur.

A Deputy Regent of Teluk Wondama, Andarias Kayukayui said that the village had never enjoyed electricity. Through the electricity, his party hopes that the economy in the village to rise.

 “Thanks to PT PLN (Persero), now people can enjoy electricity. We hope that there is a joint synergy to support economic growth in the villages, because electricity is very essential in the sustainability of development programs,” he said. Kayukayui also hopes that the citizens of the five villages will support and maintain existing assets. “So that we can enjoy electricity safely and comfortably,” said Andarias Kayukatui.

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