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Concern Semeru, Papuans in Surabaya Raise Donations

goodmorningpapua.com – Papuans in Surabaya, including university students, learners and others, gathered at an event that was packed with the theme “Pray For Semeru, Open Donations” accompanied by a touch of polite words, “We don’t give because we have wealth, but we have a heart”.

Besides being a meeting place for Papuan migrants in Surabaya, it is also a place to raise funds for victims of the Mount Semeru eruption in Lumajang, East Java.

The casual event was held at Ruko EsTe Square Blok D No 19, Mulyorejo, East Surabaya, Saturday (18/12/2021), night.

On the stage, two young men and women dressed in traditional Papuan clothing presented the Friendship Dance, which depicted a form of familiar greeting, for those present.

A singer enlivened the atmosphere with a song by Ebiet G Ade, playing the guitar accompanied by two Papuan girls.

Others, along the rows of chairs of a Papuan girl, walked between the invitees carrying a bag, accepting donations from those present.

A Papuan leader, Marten Carel Korwoa who is also the Chair of the East Java IKAL, said that Papuans in Surabaya are concerned and concerned about the disaster experienced by the Lumajang residents, due to the eruption of Mount Semeru.

“We, the Papuans in Surabaya, are concerned about the Mount Semeru disaster. That’s why we gathered here. Collecting donations for our brothers and sisters in Lumajang. So, the suffering of the Lumajang people is also our suffering, we care too. Because, we (Papua) also part of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia (NKRI),” said Martel Carel, answering reporters’ questions.

Carel added that care and support were not only given to victims of the eruption of Mount Semeru. If there is a disaster in other areas in Indonesia, his party will also take action.

“This kind of concern is not only for the residents of the Semeru eruption victims. The entire territory of the Republic of Indonesia is also part of us,” he added.

Then, Nandy Gire Kogoya, a Head of the Surabaya Student and Papuan Student Association (IPMAPA) added that what was being done was a form of caring for each other. Raising donations is an obligation, because the Papuan people are also part of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia.

“We share in this disaster (the Lumajang people who were affected by the eruption of Mount Semeru). We collect donations and we will deliver them ourselves (to the disaster site),” said Nendy Gire.

Representing the Surabaya City Government, a Head of the Social Service (Kadis) Ikhsan emphasized that he strongly supports the fundraising night carried out by the Papuan people in Surabaya.

“On behalf of the Mayor (Surabaya) and I apologize because he has other activities. I am grateful that our brothers and sisters in Papua also care for our other brothers in Lumajang and Malang who were hit by the disaster,” said Ikhsan.

He continued, assistance from the Papuan community in Surabaya in the form of basic food packages and cash will immediately be distributed to communities affected by the Semeru eruption.

“This afternoon we also dispatched aid to Lumajang from several elements of society in Surabaya. And, at this time, we will also immediately follow up,” he said.

“We are very supportive, they are Papuans in Surabaya and are also part of Arek-Arek Suroboyo,” said Ikhsan.

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